View from Vista Point in Benicia toward Martinez
The City of Benicia is a Bay Area City located adjacent to the Carquinez Strait, which is part of San Francisco Bay. Benicia is known for its small-town atmosphere and is home to some unique landmarks. 
Founded in 1849, Benicia was the third city to incorporate in the State in 1851. Benicia was the State Capital for 13 months from February 3, 1853, to February 24, 1854. The building still stands and is now a State Park & a historic landmark open for tours.
Benicia State Capitol
Benicia was home to a military Arsenal, which supplied weapons to U.S. troops in battles and wars beginning in 1849. Benicia also has the distinction of what has become known as the Camel Barns for housing the remaining camels used for military pack animals. The camels served as military pack animals in the harsh desert conditions of the American West. They were housed there for auction in 1864. The barns are now part of the Camel Barn Complex and include a historical museum. 
Camel Barn and Benicia Historical Museum
Benicia was also a great shipbuilding center until just after World War I and home to thriving waterfront industries well into the 20th century. During WWII, the arsenal supplied ports with weapons, artillery, parts, supplies, and tools. It is famous for supplying Colonel Jimmy Doolittle for the first bombing raid on Tokyo on April 18, 1942, launched from the USS Hornet. The arsenal was decommissioned in 1960 and the buildings are now occupied by local artists and craftsmen. 
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