Great Register of Voters 1890 Solano County

The index created contains the surname, given name, and residence of the registered voter. The original Great Register of Voter contains information on the naturalization date and place if the male was a naturalized citizen. It also gives birthplace by country or state, age of the individual, and his occupation.

If you find your ancestor in the 1890 Great Register Index and would like a copy of the original send for our help through research.

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Name Location
Abernathie, Geo. Washington Suisun
Abernathie, John Thomas Suisun
Abernathie, Lineas Baldwin S. Suisun
Ackley, Henry J. Benicia
Acosta, Jose William Vacaville
Adams, Frank Joseph Vallejo
Adams, George Henry Vallejo
Adams, John Paxton Vallejo
Aden, John Remmer Vallejo
Aden, Martin R. Vallejo
Aden, Remmer J. Rem Vallejo
Agee, Charles Frederick Tremont
Agee, Christopher Tremont
Aitchison, Robert. Benicia
Albee, Edmund Benicia
Albers, Herrmann Henry Green Valley
Alden, Eugene B. Suisun
Alego, William Benicia
Alexander, Andrew Main Prairie
Alexander, Walter Parson Silveyville
Alexander, William Elmira
Algeo, John Benicia
Alger, George Carlton. Vacaville
Alger George F. Vacaville
Alhm, Charles Vallejo
Alison, Rufus Babcock Vallejo
Allen, Charles James Vacaville
Allen, Christopher C. Rio Vista
Allen, George William Vacaville
Allen, Henry Vacaville
Allen, Michael Suisun
Allender, John Wesley Rio Vista
Allexander, John Littleton Elmira
Allison, Charles Henry Elmira
Allison, George B. Silveyville
Allison, Josiah Elmira
Alison, Orestes Humboldt Elmira
Alsing, Nicholas Benicia
Althoff, Henry Vallejo
Alumbaugh, William Edward Vacaville
Alves, Manuel Ingacio Green Valley
Alvord, Horace Vallejo
Alvord, Horace Dean Vallejo
Alvord, Lewis Cass Vallejo
Alvord, Luke Vallejo
Alvord, Luke Edward Vallejo
Amadon, Charles Vallejo
Amaral, Manuel de Vallejo
Ames, John Fisher Vacaville
Amos, William H. Dixon
Anderson, Aldolph Bernhard Benicia
Anderson, Andrew G. Suisun
Anderson, Arthur Williams Vallejo
Anderson, Edward John Vallejo
Anderson, Frot Silveyville
Anderson, Gustavus Joseph Vallejo
Anderson, Hans Rio Vista
Anderson, Henry Peter Vallejo
Anderson, John Edward Vallejo
Anderson, John Wesley Suisun
Anderson, Mitchell Suisun
Anderson, Neils Christian Rio Vista
Anderson, Niels Suisun
Anderson, Perry Rio Vista
Anderson, Peter Montezuma
Anderson, Rasmus Benicia
Anderson, Thomas Robert Vallejo
Anderson, Walter Duncan Vallejo
Andrew, Peter Vallejo
Andrews, Frank Harvey Benicia
Andrews, Joe Clark Vallejo
Andrews, William James Vallejo
Anear, Edward Rio Vista
Anglin, James Aaron Rio Vista
Anthony, Jesse Cram Vallejo
Anthony, Johann Frederick Dixon
Antonio, Zachariah Vallejo
Apperson, Charles Leonard Dixon
Apperson, George Webster Dixon
Apperson, James Edwin Dixon
Appodaco, Jerry Vacaville
Archibald, Samuel Charles Main Prairie
Armanicus, Bacilio Benicia
Armenta, Jose Vacaville
Armijo, Elias H. Vallejo
Armijo, Jesus Vacaville
Armitage, Joseph Vallejo
Armstrong, Ellis Thompson Vallejo
Armstrong, James Vallejo
Armstrong, John Suisun
Armstrong, John Wellington Suisun
Armstrong, Joseph Rio Vista
Armstrong, Robert Bruce Tremont
Armstrong, William Herring Vallejo
Arnold, Isaac Suisun
Arnold, John Monroe Vacaville
Arnold, Lorin Ellis Vacaville
Arras, George Vallejo
Arvidson, Henry Arvid Benicia
Ashley, George William Vallejo
Ashley, Smith Vacaville
Ashwell, Charles Vallejo
Aspenall, Thomas Jefferson Vallejo
Assop, John Joseph Vallejo
Astley, Antone Vallejo
Astrom, John W. Vallejo
Atwood, Lewis Chester Benicia
Augustine, Manuel Vallejo
Austin, Edwin Silveyville
Austin, Hiram Palmer Vacaville
Austin, William Henry Vacaville
Avellar, Manuel Caton Suisun
Avey, Peter F. Rio Vista
Ayers, John Henry Rio Vista
Ayers, John Henry Sr. Rio Vista
Aylworth, Henry Silveyville
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Name Location
Babb, Stephen Perkins Vacaville
Babcock, George Albert Vallejo
Babcock, George May Elmira
Babcock, William Simon Vallejo
Baca, Jujenio Vacaville
Bachasson, Frank Rio Vista
Backman, Peter Antone Suisun
Bacon, William Denverton
Bagge, Lars B. Benicia
Bagley, Joseph Jackson Tremont
Ballard, Frank Suisun
Bailey, John Wesley Vacaville
Baker, Frank Vallejo
Baker, George Benicia
Baker, James Francis Vacaville
Baker, Norman Vacaville
Baker, Roland Thomas Silveyville
Baker, Samuel Kimbrough Silveyville
Baker, Squire Vacaville
Baker, William Silveyville
Baldwin, Jabez Metcalf Green Valley
Baldwin, Thomas Martin Vallejo
Balfour, Charles Vallejo
Ball, Charles Henry Vacaville
Balmer, John Benicia
Balsz, Louis Vallejo
Banchero, Carlo Green Valley
Bann, Thomas Vallejo
Bantley, John Peter Suisun
Barbierie, Giovanni Rio Vista
Barbour, Eli Vacaville
Barboza, Jose Silva Suisun
Barcar, Raleigh Vacaville
Barker, Finis White Rio Vista
Barker, William Vallejo
Barks, William Silveyville
Barkway, Edward Robert Denverton
Barkway, Robert Henry Denverton
Barkwell, James Davis Dixon
Barkwell, Samuel Dixon
Barlow, George Dixon
Barlow, William Henry Vacaville
Barnard, Warren Vallejo
Barnes, Albert Samuel Dixon
Barnes, Charles Edmond Suisun
Barnes, Douglas Gilson Vallejo
Barnes, George Lee Elmira
Barnes, James Denverton
Barnes, James Loring Suisun
Barnes, Thomas Bart. Dixon
Barr, Charles Vallejo
Barr, James Francis Vallejo
Barr, Robert Burdick Vallejo
Barrett, Alfred Benicia
Barrett, Alfred Joseph Benicia
Barrett, Daniel Lee Elmira
Barrett, George P. Benicia
Barrett, Harry Leo Benicia
Barrett, James Robert Benicia
Barrett, John Elmira
Barrett, Michael John Vacaville
Barrett, Thomas Vacaville
Barrett, Tomas Vacaville
Barrett, William Vallejo
Barrett, William Richard Suisun
Barros, George Vallejo
Barry, James Benicia
Barry, James Charles Benicia
Barry, James Moore Benicia
Barry, John Vallejo
Barry, John Denverton
Barry, John James Benicia
Barry, John M. Vallejo
Barry, John Mott Silveyville
Barry, Michael Dixon
Barry, Michael Horgan Vallejo
Barry, Owen Vallejo
Barry, Richard Vallejo
Barry, Richard Vallejo
Barry, Timothy Benicia
Barthelmas, John Vallejo
Bartlett, Jarid Augustus Benicia
Bartlett, Spurgeon Suisun
Bartlett, William Thomas Suisun
Barton, Frank Vallejo
Barton, Thomas Francis Vallejo
Barty, Joseph Vacaville
Bass, John Philip Vallejo
Bassett, Nemphis Bassett Elmira
Bassett, Sherman Minor Suisun
Bassett, Stephen A.D. Elmira
Bassford, Beecher Fred Suisun
Bassford, Fordham Clay Vallejo
Bassford, George W. Vallejo
Bassford, Henry Augustus Vacaville
Bassford, Joseph M. Jr. Vacaville
Bassford, Joseph Sr. Vacaville
Batchelor, Charles Samuel Montezuma
Batteni, Gerolamo Montezuma
Bauer, Frank Paul Benicia
Bauman, Jacob Henry Suisun
Bauman, John Wilmott Suisun
Baxter, John Lee Silveyville
Baylard, Allen John Suisun
Baylard, George Emery Suisun
Bayley, George Genella Silveyville
Baziote, Panagiote Benicia
Beahan, Owen Benicia
Beane, James Robert Benicia
Beardslee, Henry Otis Benicia
Beck, John George Benicia
Beck, Paul Benicia
Becker, Charles Suisun
Becker, Charles Henry Tremont
Beckwith, Seth Lee Vallejo
Beelard, Abraham Vacaville
Beelard, Abraham Jr. Vacaville
Beelard, Gillis Suisun
Beelard, William Suisun
Begin, Joseph Vacaville
Beguhl, David Rio Vista
Beguhl, David Montezuma
Beguhl, Harry Jacob Rio Vista
Beguhl, Henry Rio Vista
Behrens, Andrew Dixon
Belden, Truman Vallejo
Belew, Arthur Main Prairie
Belew, Louis Main Prairie
Belew, Thomas Main Prairie
Belew, Thomas Fletcher Main Prairie
Bell, Edward John Suisun
Bell, George Vallejo
Bell, Hugh O’Neill Benicia
Bell, James Munroe Dixon
Bell, John Vallejo
Bell, William Vallejo
Bellew, James Bernard Vallejo
Benas, Benjamin Vallejo
Benas, Marks Vallejo
Bendson, Benjamin Vallejo
Benham, Joshua Case Vacaville
Beninghoff, Syrus Ruben Silveyville
Bennessen, Christian Peterson Rio Vista
Bennett, Charles Henry Vallejo
Bennett, Dean Richmond Vacaville
Bennett, Elphonzo Lothrop Vacaville
Bennett, Grant Vacaville
Bennett, James R. Benicia
Bennett. Ray Vacaville
Bennett, William Henry Vallejo
Benson, Gotleib Tremont
Benson, Henry Michael Tremont
Benthien, Henry Green Valley
Benthien, William Green Valley
Bentley, Samuel Wesley Vacaville
Bentley, Thomas Ruben Elmira
Beretta, John Vallejo
Berg, August Jusif Vallejo
Berg, Michael Dixon
Bergin, John Vallejo
Bergstrom, John Benicia
Bergwall, Gus Adolph Vallejo
Berk, Frank Vallejo
Bernal, Nicholas Timothy Vallejo
Bernal, Raymond Vallejo
Berry, Thomas Jefferson Suisun
Berryessa, Frank Vacaville
Berryessa, Jose Jesus Vacaville
Berryessa, Julian Vacaville
Berryessa, Nasario Vacaville
Bertascky, Alex Bertsch Vallejo
Beryessa, Angel Vacaville
Best, James Robert Vallejo
Best, William Edward Vallejo
Bettis, Samuel Newton Vacaville
Beuck, Charles Vallejo
Beuks, Frank Vallejo
Beveridge, David Forney Vallejo
Beveridge, Harry Herbert Vallejo
Beyerle, Joseph Vallejo
Bigwood, Job Benicia
Billsback, Thomas Suisun
Binnington, John Benicia
Bird, Henry Montezuma
Bird, John Montezuma
Birmingham, Daniel Morchel Suisun
Birmingham, James Suisun
Biscoff, Charles Dixon
Biscoff, William Henry Vallejo
Bishop, Gurdon Vallejo
Bishop, John Vallejo
Bishop, Thomas Benicia
Biswick, Eufemios Vallejo
Bithell, Zachariah Denverton
Bivens, Horace Porter Silveyville
Black, Frank Jeremiah Vallejo
Black, William Vacaville
Blacklock, James Denverton
Blair, James Main Prairie
Blair, William James Main Prairie
Blake, Henry Clay Vacaville
Blake, John Francis Benicia
Blake, Joseph Vacaville
Blake, William Benicia
Blanchard, Amos Adams Vacaville
Blanchard, Eberle Darwin Vallejo
Blanchard, Frank Williams Benicia
Blanco, Frank Antone Vallejo
Blanco, Fred Raymond Suisun
Blank, Charles Benicia
Blank, John Benicia
Blessington, James Vallejo
Bleuel, Emil Adolph Vallejo
Blinn, Bradford Holbrook Vallejo
Bliven, Horace Vallejo
Blum, Isador Vacaville
Blum, Jacob Vacaville
Blum, Moses Vacaville
Blumer, Jacob Vallejo
Blundell, Walter Vallejo
Bockstanz, Charles Nicholds Dixon
Bogle, Frederick Vallejo
Bogle, Joseph Samuel Vallejo
Bogle, Robert Burns Vallejo
Bohen, Bartholomew Vallejo
Bohen, James Henry Vallejo
Boitano, Frank Suisun
Bollard, William Vallejo
Bollinger, William Vacaville
Bolton, James Patrick Benicia
Bolton, Patrick Benicia
Bond, Jonathan Vallejo
Bonham, Ira Douglas Suisun
Bonifield, Josiah Simpson Suisun
Bonnell, Frederick Benicia
Bonner, Walter Vallejo
Boock, Henry Bernard Rio Vista
Booth, Charles Henry Vallejo
Booth, Henry Almer Benicia
Boozucos, Nicholas Vallejo
Borchess, Henry Silveyville
Borger, Henry Benicia
Borges, Francisco Elmira
Boring, Jacob Suisun
Borrosey, George Montezuma
Borton, Charles Frederick Vallejo
Borton, Joseph Vallejo
Boss, Joseph Vallejo
Bowen, William Nelson Suisun
Bowles, Alfred Carter Vacaville
Bowles, James Thomas Vacaville
Bowles, John Wesley Vallejo
Bowlin, John William Suisun
Bowman, Henry Richard Silveyville
Bowman, Simeon Clemens Vallejo
Bowman, William Ovil Suisun
Bowyer, James Vacaville
Boyce, Hamilton G. Vacaville
Boyd, David William Vacaville
Boyd, George Suisun
Boyd, James Vacaville
Boyd, Thomas Ely Vacaville
Boyens, Peter William Tremont
Boyle, Edward Silveyville
Boyle, James Vallejo
Boyle, John Hamilton Vallejo
Boyle, Joseph P. Vallejo
Boyle, Owen Vallejo
Boyle, William Vallejo
Boynton, Albert Melvin Montezuma
Boynton, Harrison Suisun
Braden, Thomas Vallejo
Bradford, James Madison Vallejo
Bradley, Bernard Suisun
Bradley, Charles David Vacaville
Bradley, Frederick William Vallejo
Bradley, John Elmira
Bradley, Richard Henry Tremont
Bradley, Thomas James Vacaville
Brady, Christie Rio Vista
Brady, Francis Vallejo
Brady, Henry Rio Vista
Brady, John Vallejo
Brady, Patrick Vallejo
Brady, Patrick Hugh Tremont
Brady, Thomas Tremont
Brady, Thomas Jay Rio Vista
Bragdon, Charles Augustus Vallejo
Bragdon, Percy S. Vacaville
Braghetta, Guilio Suisun
Brake, Geo. Washington Vacaville
Brake, Jacob Lorenzo D. Elmira
Brand, Eugene Vallejo
Brandley, Thomas Vallejo
Branigan, Philip Benicia
Branin, Rufus Coleman Dixon
Brann, Geo. Washington Rio Vista
Brannagan, Peter Benicia
Bravo, Frank Rose Benicia
Brayden, Joshua Dixon
Brazelton, John William Vacaville
Brazil, John Elmira
Breed, Ernest Leonard Vallejo
Breed, John Washburn Vallejo
Breen, Albert Suisun
Breen, William Suisun
Brehaut, Jean Louis Benicia
Brennan, Daniel Joseph Vallejo
Brennan, Edward Lewis Vallejo
Brennan, George Joseph Vallejo
Brennan, John Henry Vallejo
Brennan, John Louis Vallejo
Brennan, Thomas Vallejo
Brennan, Thomas Vallejo
Bresnahan, Terrence Vallejo
Brewer, Peter Henry Rio Vista
Brewer, Peter Jacob Rio Vista
Brewster, Ulysses Grant Vallejo
Brien, John Green Valley
Briggs, Charles Otis Benicia
Brinck, Charles Vacaville
Brinck, Henry Vacaville
Brinckerhoff, Edward Dixon
Brinckerhoff, Frank Dixon
Brinckerhoff, Stephen Dixon
Brink, Abraham Vallejo
Brinkerhoff, John Geddes Silveyville
Bristol, Hamer Culver Dixon
Bristow, Samuel David Vacaville
Brock, Llewellyn Tarlton Suisun
Brockenshire, Thomas Vallejo
Brogan, Patrick Suisun
Bromley, Joseph Thomas Benicia
Bromley, Seth Benicia
Bronson, Henry Harrison Suisun
Bronson, Howe Cuyler Suisun
Bronson, William Marvin Suisun
Brook, Robert Vacaville
Brooks, Alvinza Amiza Suisun
Brooks, George Thomas Vallejo
Brooks, Harry Oliver Suisun
Brooks, James Silveyville
Brooks, James Center Vallejo
Brooks, Norman Cromwell Suisun
Brooks, William Andrew Vallejo
Brooks, William Charles Vallejo
Brooks, William Samuel Vallejo
Brophy, James William Vallejo
Brophy, Joseph Augustus Vallejo
Brosnahan, Cornelius Vallejo
Brosnahan, James Vallejo
Brosnahan, John Bartholomew Vallejo
Brosnahan, John J. Vallejo
Brosnahan, Patrick Vallejo
Brosnahan, Patrick Suisun
Brotchie, George Ferguson Vallejo
Brough, Josiah Farragut Vallejo
Broughton, John Louis Vacaville
Brow, John Thomas Vallejo
Brown, Andrew Kirk Vallejo
Brown, Arthur James Main Prairie
Brown, Charles Henry Suisun
Brown, Charles Warner Vacaville
Brown, Charles Wesley Suisun
Brown, Clarence Mortimer Vallejo
Brown, Daniel Gilbert Vacaville
Brown, Daniel Tier Vallejo
Brown, Edward Vallejo
Brown, Franklin Lester Vacaville
Brown, George Sherman Vacaville
Brown, Greenlief A. Main Prairie
Brown, Harry Daniel Vallejo
Brown, Henry Green Valley
Brown, Homer Grant Main Prairie
Brown, Jackson Fay Main Prairie
Brown, James Vallejo
Brown, James Rio Vista
Brown, John Vallejo
Brown, John Vallejo
Brown John Stewart Rio Vista
Brown, Joseph William Vallejo
Brown, Joseph William Green Valley
Brown, Louis Henry Montezuma
Brown, Lucius Henry Vacaville
Brown, Martin Thomas Suisun
Brown, Milton Cooper Dixon
Brown, Mortlock Vallejo
Brown, Orville M. Montezuma
Brown, Patrick Vallejo
Brown, Patrick Vallejo
Brown, Prentiss Sargent Suisun
Brown, Richard Hall Dixon
Brown, Robert Edward Elmira
Brown, Robert Henry Vallejo
Brown, Samuel Vallejo
Brown, Samuel Chattern Rio Vista
Brown, Samuel Joseph Vallejo
Brown, Sherman Vacaville
Brown, Thomas Vallejo
Brown, Thomas Vallejo
Brown, William Vallejo
Brown, William Alexander Vallejo
Brown, William Bernard Suisun
Browne, John Augustine Vallejo
Brownell, Charles Adelbert Elmira
Brownlie, James Vallejo
Brownlie, John Vallejo
Brownlie, John Alexander Vallejo
Brownlie, William Vallejo
Bruce, Alonco Elmira
Bruce, Henry Vallejo
Bruce, Henry Rio Vista
Bruce, Robert Vallejo
Brundage, William Taylor Dixon
Brunning, Joseph Rio Vista
Brunoni, Louis Benicia
Bryan, William Henry Suisun
Bryant, Andrew Vallejo
Bryant, John Vallejo
Bryant, John Silis Vallejo
Bryant, Thomas T. Vallejo
Buck, Charles H. Vacaville
Buck, Frank Henry Vacaville
Buck, Frank Herbert Vacaville
Buck, Fred McClellen Vacaville
Buck, Ingalis Kinney Vacaville
Buck, Leonard William Vacaville
Buck, William Henry Vacaville
Buckingham, Thomas Hugh Vacaville
Buckius, Henry Harrison Vallejo
Buckles, Abraham Jay Suisun
Buckles, Thomas Newton Silveyville
Buckley, John Charles Vacaville
Buckley, Thomas Alexander Vacaville
Buckley, Timothy Denverton
Buckley, Timothy Vacaville
Bucklin, Andrew Benicia
Budson, George Leonard Silveyville
Bugbee, Carey Rogers Vacaville
Buhrmeister, August Lewis Suisun
Buhrmeister, Harry George Suisun
Buissiere, Jere Montezuma
Bulkley, Robert Bruce Main Prairie
Bull, Henry Miles Denverton
Bull, Horace Denverton
Bullard, Albert Edward Montezuma
Bullard, Arthur Calvin Montezuma
Bullard, John Hodlain Montezuma
Bulman, Robert Vallejo
Bulotte, Francisco Suisun
Burgess, Lewis Deville Denverton
Burgh, Ulrig Henry Benicia
Burk, Jeremiah Vallejo
Burke, Michael Main Prairie
Burke, Patrick Suisun
Burke, Stephen Suisun
Burke, Stephen Jr. Suisun
Burnap, George Jacob Vallejo
Burnett, Cornelius Tremont
Burnett, William Tremont
Burnham, John Wright Vacaville
Burns, Archie Hyde Tremont
Burns, James Benicia
Burns, John Green Valley
Burns, John McKnight Vacaville
Burns, Patrick Denverton
Burns, Thomas H. Silveyville
Burnum, John F. Tremont
Burrell, George Green Valley
Burrell, Thomas Green Valley
Burrows, Joseph Main Prairie
Burrows, Richard John Main Prairie
Burton, George L. Vallejo
Burton, James Howes Vacaville
Burton, Richard Ephriam Vacaville
Burton, Robert William Vallejo
Burton, William Vallejo
Bush, Howard Raymond Suisun
Bush, Samuel Benicia
Bushman, William Tremont
Bushnell, Willie Fields Elmira
Buss, Jacob Borcherts Vallejo
Buss, Tamme Borcherts Vallejo
Bussboom, Detert Willen Vallejo
Butcher, Albert William Vacaville
Butcher, William Vacaville
Butcher, William Samuel Vacaville
Butler, George Henry Rio Vista
Butler, Henry Walker Rio Vista
Butler, John Hayght Rio Vista
Butler, Newton Cannon Rio Vista
Butler, Orvin Hartwell Vallejo
Butler, Thomas Francis Vacaville
Butts, Andrew Jackson Vallejo
Butts, Frank Albert Vallejo
Buxton, George Albert Vallejo
Byers, William Dixon
Byrne, John Vallejo
Byrne, John Alexander Vallejo
Byrne, Thomas Mitchell Vallejo
Byrnes, Andrew Silveyville
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Name Location
Cachman, George Mark Vallejo
Cadman, George Dixon
Cadman, William Elmira
Cadman, William Vacaville
Cady, Joseph Lewis Vallejo
Cady, Thomas Vallejo
Caffrey, John William Benicia
Cahill, John Thomas Vallejo
Cahill, Martin Vallejo
Cahill, Martin Henry Benicia
Cahill, Thomas Vallejo
Cain, James Rio Vista
Callaghan, Edward Vallejo
Callaghan, James Francis Rio Vista
Callaghan, John Francis Rio Vista
Callaghan, Michael Montezuma
Callaghan, Michael Vallejo
Callaghan, William Andrew Rio Vista
Callaghan, Anthony Elmira
Callahan, Charles Ignatius Dixon
Callahan, Daniel Elias Tremont
Callahan, Garrett Francis Benicia
Callahan, John Silveyville
Callahan, Michael Green Valley
Callahan, Peter Silveyville
Callan, John Vallejo
Callan, Nicholas Vallejo
Callan, Peter Vallejo
Callan, William Dominic Vallejo
Callender, John Vallejo
Cameron, Edwin Curtis Rio Vista
Campbell, Alfred Hilton Benicia
Campbell, Angus Vallejo
Campbell, Charles Suisun
Campbell, Edward James Vallejo
Campbell, George Jerome Vallejo
Campbell, George Jerome Jr. Vallejo
Campbell, George Price Suisun
Campbell, James Dixon
Campbell, James Edward Vallejo
Campbell, John Perry Suisun
Campbell, Weston Rio Vista
Campbell, William Robert Benicia
Canevascini, Giovanni Green Valley
Canevascini, Peter Green Valley
Caniffe, James John Vallejo
Cantelow, Charles Warren Vacaville
Cantelow, Laurence Albert Vacaville
Cantelow, William Pond Vacaville
Capell, Charles Thomas Green Valley
Capell, Geo. Washington Green Valley
Capell, James Smith Green Valley
Capell, James William Green Valley
Caprini, Antonio Vallejo
Carden, Patrick Vallejo
Carey, Daniel Vallejo
Cargill, Pardon Vacaville
Carleton, Silas Martin Suisun
Carlin, Geo. Washington Vallejo
Carlin George Edward Vallejo
Carlson, Charles H. Vallejo
Carlson, John Peter Vallejo
Carlson, Otto Vallejo
Carlton, Frank Ellsworth Vallejo
Carlton, Frank Lewis Vallejo
Carmouche, Paul Suisun
Carney, John Green Valley
Carney, Michael David Green Valley
Carolan, Patrick Joseph Benicia
Carpenter, Emery Suisun
Carpenter, Frank Suisun
Carpenter Henry Suisun
Carpenter, Milton Dixon
Carpenter, Samuel Suisun
Carpenter, Santiago Suisun
Carpenter, William Edward Suisun
Carr, Peter Dixon
Carr, Richard Benicia
Carrillo, Antonio Benicia
Carrillo, Juna Benicia
Carroll, James Tomas Vallejo
Carroll, Jeremiah Benicia
Carroll, Michael Vallejo
Carroll, Michael Vallejo
Carroll, Michael James Benicia
Carroll, Michael Joseph Vallejo
Carroll, Patrick Benicia
Carry, Michael Rio Vista
Carson, Franklin Mathias Benicia
Carson, George Henry Vallejo
Carson, John August Vallejo
Carter, Addis Emmet Vacaville
Carter, Charles Summer Vallejo
Carter, Daniel Patrick Elmira
Carter, Harry George Maine Prairie
Carter, Robert Coombs Rio Vista
Carter, Robert Davis Rio Vista
Carter, William Vallejo
Carty, John Edward Benicia
Carver, James Harrison Vacaville
Case, Alphonso Vacaville
Case, Frank Sawyer Vallejo
Case, Peleg Sherman Vallejo
Casey, James Suisun
Casey, James Francis Vallejo
Casey, John Dixon
Casey, John Dixon
Casey, John Francis Suisun
Casey, John Joseph Benicia
Casey, Joseph Martin Vallejo
Casey, Maurice Vallejo
Casey, Robert Vallejo
Casey, Robert William Silveyville
Cassady, Henry Vallejo
Cassady, Henry Lawrence Vallejo
Cassidy, Richard Vallejo
Cassin, Paul Dixon
Castro, Crisantos Vacaville
Caswell, Wilder Pierce Vallejo
Casy, Michael Vallejo
Cathcart, William Marley Suisun
Cathman, John Vallejo
Caughy, John Vacaville
Caulfield, Thomas Vallejo
Cavanagh, Michael Vallejo
Cavanaugh, Charles Meyers Vallejo
Cavanaugh, James William Vallejo
Cavanaugh, John Vallejo
Cecil, Charles Dixon
Cereda, Carlo Green Valley
Cereda, Innocenta Vallejo
Cerkel, Joseph David Suisun
Cernon, Hugh Vacaville
Chadbourne, Edwin Suisun
Chadbourne, Frederick Augustus Suisun
Chadbourne, Grant Suisun
Chadbourne, Joseph R. Suisun
Chamberlain, Timothy Willis Vallejo
Chamberlain, William Ellis Silveyville
Champion, Edward Vallejo
Chandler, Frederick Brewster Elmira
Chandler, Harry Danforth Vacaville
Chandler, Robert Vallejo
Chaney, Washington Green Valley
Chapin, Almy Suisun
Chapin, Elam Porte Benicia
Chapman, Frank Carpenter Vacaville
Charles, Abner Elias Suisun
Charles, Frank Dixon
Charlton, John Wil. Candow Vallejo
Chase, Edwin Munroe Rio Vista
Chase, James Underwood Rio Vista
Chase, John Manly Vallejo
Chase, Russell Vallejo
Chave, Emile Dixon
Cheatham, Richard Charles H. Vacaville
Chemas, Nicholas Demetris Vallejo
Chenoweth, Justin Benicia
Chester, William Nevins Vallejo
Chew, James E. Vacaville
Childers, John Morgan Tremont
Childs, Benjamin Suisun
Chinn, John Blackwell Suisun
Chisholm, Alexander Benicia
Chisholm, Daniel Benicia
Chism, John Vallejo
Chittenden, Henry Hatfield Vacaville
Chittenden, William Henry Vacaville
Choate, Charles Fremont Benicia
Chord, John Perryman Elmira
Chrisler, Alphonse Spencer Suisun
Chrisler, Amiziah Spencer Suisun
Chrisler, Leslie Jordan Suisun
Chrisler, William Andrew Suisun
Christensen, Andrew Tremont
Christensen, Martin Rio Vista
Christian, Martin Vallejo
Christian, Numa Juste Main Prairie
Christiansen, Jens Vallejo
Christie, Henry Benicia
Christopher, Benjamin Franklin Vacaville
Christopher, Benjamin Franklin Vacaville
Christopher, Charles Boon Vacaville
Christopher, William Griffin Vacaville
Chubb, Charles Mudge Vacaville
Church, Albert Colby Rio Vista
Church, Alfred Silveyville
Church, John Grant Vacaville
Church, Whitney Silveyville
Clancy, Thomas Patrick Benicia
Clark, Albert Estes Vallejo
Clark, Anson Vallejo
Clark, Charles Wesley Dixon
Clark, Daniel Freeman Elmira
Clark, Frank Herbert Elmira
Clark, Fred Vallejo
Clark, James Alexander Elmira
Clark, John Oliver Benicia
Clark, Joseph Edward Vallejo
Clark, Robert Vallejo
Clark, Robert Benicia
Clark, Samuel Vallejo
Clark, Webster Loring Benicia
Clark, William Vallejo
Clark, William Crossman Benicia
Clarke, Charles Guy Vacaville
Clarke, Francis Marion Silveyville
Clarke, Henry Harrison Vacaville
Clarke, William Henry Vallejo
Claus, 34547 Vallejo
Clausen, Charles Edward Tremont
Claussen, Peter Jacob Silveyville
Clavo, John Vallejo
Clavo, Joseph Vallejo
Clavo, Nicholas Charles Vallejo
Clayborne, James E. Vallejo
Clayton, Andrew Jackson Vacaville
Clayton, David Jones Suisun
Clayton, David Overton Vacaville
Clayton, Henry Bascom Suisun
Clayton, James Buchanan Vacaville
Clayton, James David Suisun
Clayton, Richard Watson Suisun
Clayton, William Lee Suisun
Clemens, Robert Emmet Suisun
Clement, Charles Henry Rio Vista
Cleveland, Roger Sherman Vallejo
Clifford, William Henry Benicia
Cline, Michael Vacaville
Clothier, Albert Leonard Montezuma
Clotworthy, Thomas America Vallejo
Cloutman, Joseph Frost Tremont
Cloutman, William Frost Tremont
Clyne, James Benicia
Coakley, Charles Vallejo
Coakley, John Vallejo
Coakley, John William Vallejo
Coakley, Timothy Vallejo
Coats, Charles Truman Benicia
Cobb, Ralph Dixon
Coburn, George Vacaville
Coburn, Gilbert Olney Vacaville
Cockern, Geo. Washington Suisun
Cockern, John Plummer Suisun
Cody, William Green Valley
Coffey, Thomas Vallejo
Coffey, William Vallejo
Coffran, Charles Suisun
Coghlan, Joseph Bullock Vallejo
Coglan, John P. Vallejo
Cohen, Alexander Dixon
Cohen, Besenthal Vallejo
Cohn, Jacob Suisun
Colby, Almye West Benicia
Colby, Charles Kendrick Vallejo
Colby, Henry Gillett Vallejo
Cole, Eli Lewis Dixon
Cole, James Berry Silveyville
Cole, Joseph Francis Vallejo
Coleman, Alvin Balis Dixon
Coleman, Eugene Frank Main Prairie
Coleman, James Vallejo
Coleman, John Benicia
Coleman, John Vallejo
Coleman, John Vacaville
Coleman, John Madison Dixon
Coleman, Milton Vallejo
Coleman, Napoleon B. Stone Dixon
Coleman, Richard Vallejo
Collier, G. Washington Dixon
Collier, Joseph Abraham Elmira
Collins, Charles Peter Vallejo
Collins, David Rio Vista
Collins, David Vallejo
Collins, Edward William Vallejo
Collins, James Vallejo
Collins, James Henry Vacaville
Collins, James Rife Vacaville
Collins, John Benicia
Collins, John Rio Vista
Collins, John Wellen Vallejo
Collins, Joseph Spencer Vacaville
Collins, Timothy Vincent Vallejo
Collins, William Henry Vallejo
Collins, William Laurence Vacaville
Colon, Chris. Columbus Vallejo
Colton, Joseph Richard Vallejo
Colvin, Charles Frederick Vallejo
Colvin, William Henry Vallejo
Colwell, Martin William Vallejo
Comber, George Main Prairie
Comber, William Dixon
Combs, Charles Albert Vallejo
Comstock, Samuel Elmer Dixon
Conboy, William Vallejo
Condon, Martin Vallejo
Condore, Theodore G. Benicia
Congdon, James Scott Vallejo
Conger, Alonzo Allen Silveyville
Conger, Charles De Witt Vallejo
Conley, James Vallejo
Connell, John Vallejo
Connell, John Vallejo
Conner, Charles Sumner Elmira
Conner, George Comb Elmira
Conner, James Madison Elmira
Conneran, James Vallejo
Conners, Timothy Vallejo
Connolly, Chas. Christopher Vallejo
Connolly, Edward Suisun
Connolly, Henry Vallejo
Connolly, Henry Vallejo
Connolly, James Vacaville
Connolly, James Francis Vallejo
Connolly, John Henry Vallejo
Connolly, John Lewis Vallejo
Connolly, Michael Vallejo
Connolly, Patrick Benicia
Connolly, William Barnham Suisun
Connor, George Samuel Dixon
Connor, John Vallejo
Connors, George M. Benicia
Connors, George W. Dixon
Connors, John Francis Vallejo
Connors, Patrick Vallejo
Connors, Thomas Vallejo
Constantine, Demetrias S. Vallejo
Conway, Cornelius John Vallejo
Conway, John Vallejo
Conway, Thomas Vallejo
Cook, Albert Vallejo
Cook, Albion Smith Main Prairie
Cook, Alexander Rio Vista
Cook, Charles Vallejo
Cook, Francis C. Benicia
Cook, George Green Valley
Cook, James Henry Benicia
Cook, Neil Rio Vista
Cook, Peter Rio Vista
Cook, Thomas Joseph Benicia
Cook, William Montezuma
Cook, William Henry Suisun
Cooke, George Spencer Vallejo
Cooley, Dwight Tremont
Coolwood, Frank Vallejo
Coombs, Edwin Neal Vallejo
Cooper, Apollas Buttler Elmira
Cooper, Charles Milton Silveyville
Cooper, John Throckmorton Suisun
Cooper, Johnston Hillard Vallejo
Cooper, Milton Dorsey Elmira
Cooper, Orvin Stanly Vallejo
Cooper, William Braxton Silveyville
Corbett, Dennis Vallejo
Corcoran, Daniel Vallejo
Corcoran, Daniel G. Benicia
Corcoran, John Bernard Vallejo
Corcoran, John Simon Benicia
Corcoran, Michael Henry Benicia
Corcoran, Simon Vallejo
Cordes, Aldrich John Fred. Vallejo
Cordes, Tobias John Vallejo
Cordts, Jacob Vallejo
Corn, Daniel K. Vacaville
Coronado, Marian Vallejo
Corrick, John Marshall Green Valley
Corrigan, William Vallejo
Corwin, William Jackson Vallejo
Costa, Frank Suisun
Costa, John B. Suisun
Costa, Nicholas Vallejo
Costello, Albert Joseph Vallejo
Costello, James Vallejo
Costigan, William John Vallejo
Costley, Robert Vallejo
Cotten, James William Dixon
Cottrell, Charles Main Prairie
Coulter, George Musgrave Silveyville
Coulter, John Vacaville
Cousins, George Grant Vacaville
Coverdill, Robert Joseph Vallejo
Coverdill, Robert Martin Vallejo
Coverdill, William Vallejo
Cowan, David Home Benicia
Cox, Edward Suisun
Cox, John Vallejo
Cox, Walter Holmes Vallejo
Cole, Cornelius Vacaville
Coyne, John Vallejo
Craig, Charles Samuel Main Prairie
Craig, Hugh Vallejo
Craig, James Joseph Vallejo
Craig, Robert Vallejo
Craig, Theodore Coburn Vacaville
Crandall, Charles Vallejo
Crandall, Ezra Benton Dixon
Craner, Adolph Henry Rio Vista
Craner, Louis Rio Vista
Crater, Richard Suisun
Crawford, Charles Moses Suisun
Creeley, John Vallejo
Creighton, David Vacaville
Creighton, Kennedy Vallejo
Creighton, Thomas Vallejo
Creighton, Tomas Vallejo
Cremor, Tomas Walsh Vallejo
Cress, Parker William Elmira
Crilley, Patrick Dixon
Cripps, Harvey Harrington Dixon
Cripps, Stephen Augustus Elmira
Cripps, William Henry Elmira
Criswell, James Franklin Elmira
Crocker, Asa Suisun
Crocker, Charles Coit Vallejo
Crocker, Rowland Robinson Vallejo
Crocker, William Sherman Suisun
Cronan, William Patrick Benicia
Cronin, Arthur Washington Vacaville
Cronin, Daniel Vincent Benicia
Cronin, James Vallejo
Cronin, James Daniel Vallejo
Cronin, Timothy Vallejo
Crooks, John Edmond Benicia
Crosby, Henry Roberjot Vallejo
Crosby, John Vallejo
Crosby, John Vallejo
Crosby, John A. Vacaville
Crosby, Samuel Benicia
Crosby, William Vallejo
Cross, Thomas Suisun
Crow, Abraham Nordike Rio Vista
Crow, Isaac Green Valley
Crowley, George Vacaville
Crowley, James Suisun
Crowley, John Suisun
Crowson, Thomas Dixon
Croze, Auguste Benicia
Crump, Abraham Rio Vista
Crump, John Diddep Vallejo
Cryan, James Francis Vallejo
Cryan, Thomas Vallejo
Crystal, Geo. Washington Vacaville
Cuddy, James A. Benicia
Cuff, Thomas Suisun
Culver, Cornelius Benicia
Culver, Cornelius Jenks Tremont
Culver, Cornelius Patrick Benicia
Culver, William Andrew Dixon
Cummings, John Green Valley
Cummings, Lloyd Walter Suisun
Cunard, James Frank Vallejo
Cunha, Manuel Florence Benicia
Cunningham, Alexander Vallejo
Cunningham, Charles Vallejo
Cunningham, Charles E. Vallejo
Cunningham, Francis Vallejo
Cunningham, Hugh Henry Vallejo
Cunningham, James Vallejo
Cunningham, James Henry Vallejo
Cunningham, James Vincent Vallejo
Cunningham, Jesse Scott Vacaville
Cunningham, John Vallejo
Cunningham, John Vallejo
Cunningham, Joseph Gatch Vallejo
Cunningham, Joseph James Vallejo
Cunningham, Patrick Thomas Elmira
Cunningham, Thomas Francis Vallejo
Cunningham, William Vallejo
Curley, Michael Vallejo
Curran, John Vallejo
Curran, John Richard Vallejo
Curran, Joseph William Vallejo
Curran, Thomas Emmett Vallejo
Currey, Montgomery S. Silveyville
Currey, Robert John Silveyville
Currie, Alexander Rio Vista
Currier, George Vallejo
Cushing, John Hathaway Silveyville
Cushman, Daniel Smith Denverton
Cutler, Cyrus Vallejo
Cutler, Milton Vallejo
Cuttee, Edward Benicia
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Name Location
Dabner, Antone Vallejo
Dadami, Charles Montezuma
Dagnol, Charles D. Denverton
Daily, Charles Main Prairie
Daily, Dennis Frank Benicia
Daily, John Joseph Benicia
Daily, Samuel Silveyville
Dale, Joshua Benton Silveyville
Daley, Daniel Benicia
Dally, Charles H.A. Elmira
Dally, George Rauschert Elmira
Dally, Richard Elmira
Dalton, Alfred Jr. Benicia
Dalton, Alfred Sr. Benicia
Dalton, David Silveyville
Dalton, George Edwin Benicia
Dalton, John Benicia
Dalton, Thomas Vallejo
Dalton, William Benicia
Daly, Charles Vallejo
Daly, James Vallejo
Damm, Hans Peter Benicia
Damstadt, Neil Charles Vallejo
Damuth, Nathaniel Vallejo
Dana, Joaquin Vallado Benicia
Daniel, James John Vallejo
Daniels, Edgar Vallejo
Daniels, Frederick Montezuma
Daniels, Greenlief Norton Denverton
Daniels, Herbert Merrill Denverton
Danielson, Johan Suisun
Darbo, John H. Suisun
Darcy, Matthew Vallejo
Darling, Naaman Lorenzo Benicia
Darling, Richard Elmira
Darriman, Alfred Victor Dixon
Dasher, James Harvey Suisun
Davis, Augustus Hiram Vallejo
Davis, Charles Benicia
Davis, Charles Goodrich Vallejo
Davis, Enoch Stevens Vallejo
Davis, Geo. Washington Elmira
Davis, Henry Durward Dixon
Davis, Henry Milton Vacaville
Davis, Henry Rowe Benicia
Davis, Isaac Francis Elmira
Davis, J.W. Main Prairie
Davis, Jeremiah Dixon
Davis, John Farrell Vallejo
Davis, John Jefferson Elmira
Davis, John Milton Vallejo
Davis Joseph Main Prairie
Davis, Nathaniel Dixon
Davis, Orien Allumba Vacaville
Davis, Robert Lee Vacaville
Davis, William Main Prairie
Davis, William Buford Elmira
Davis, William Garnett Vacaville
Davis, William Wallace Denverton
Davisson, Obediah Jr. Suisun
Davisson, Obediah Sr. Suisun
Davisson, Thomas Rhoads Suisun
Davisson, William Gustavus Suisun
Dawson, Elisha Charles Elmira
Dawson, John Vallejo
Day, Edward William Vacaville
Dayly, Hugh Vallejo
De Carli, James Montezuma
De Carlow, Alonzo M. Green Valley
De Carlow, Francis Green Valley
De Carlow, Samuel Meyer Suisun
De Carlow, Walter Henry Green Valley
De Gerick, Julius G. H. Vallejo
De Haven, Alfred Elmira
De Haven, William Henry Elmira
De Kau, Gerard Henry Benicia
De Knight, Charles Hurley Benicia
De Theill, Wallace Henri Vallejo
Dean, George Timothy Suisun
Dearin, James Benicia
Deatherage, John Allen Silveyville
Debolt, Charles Herman Vallejo
Debolt, Frederick Rufus Vallejo
Dechan, James Benicia
Deck, Henry St. George Tremont
Decker, George Angelo Vallejo
DeForrest, John Benicia
Deininger, Frederick Vallejo
Del Poggetto, Luca Elmira
Delamater, John Henry Green Valley
Delaney, James Samuel Vallejo
Delehanty, Joseph Denverton
Delehanty, Patrick Vallejo
Deline, James Silveyville
Delmonte, Francisco Vallejo
Delury, William Patrick Vacaville
Demeritt, Hayden Lewis Benicia
Demeteres, Peter Rio Vista
Demetrio, Mitchell Vallejo
Demetry, John Vallejo
Deming, Charles Benjamin Benicia
Deming, John Francis Benicia
Demon, George Cramer Vallejo
Demorest, Peter Philip Benicia
Denanny, John Vallejo
Denicke, Charles Rio Vista
Denio, Frank Marion Vallejo
Denio, Matthew Hatch Vallejo
Denison, Benjamin T. Dixon
Denison, Leon Vallejo
Dennis, William Jasper Dixon
Densmore, Joseph Mosher Vallejo
Denver, William Tremont
Derby, Daniel Blanchard Vacaville
DeRoo, Charles J. Benicia
Derrick, Frank William Vallejo
Dessalier, George Silveyville
Detrielles, John Suisun
Devlin, Bernard John Benicia
Devlin, Charles Augustus Vallejo
Devlin, Francis J. Suisun
Devlin, John Suisun
Devlin, William Aloysius Vallejo
Dexter, Granville Mears Rio Vista
Dexter, John Vallejo
Dice, Parker Harden Benicia
Dickie, Albert Alexander Suisun
Dickson, Albert Vallejo
Dickson, Henry Albert Dixon
Dickson, John Suisun
Dickson, John Vacaville
Dickson, Thomas Suisun
Dickson, Walter Montezuma
Didriksen, Peter Vallejo
Dieckhoff, George Henry Vallejo
Dignan, Michael Vallejo
Dillas William Frederick Elmira
Dillingham, William W. Benicia
Dillon, Patrick William Benicia
Dillon, Timothy Vallejo
Dillon, William Green Valley
Dimpfel, George Simmonds Vallejo
Dineen, Patrick Vallejo
Dinkelspiel, Edward Suisun
Dinkelspiel, Henry George W. Suisun
Dinkelspiel, Meyer Suisun
Dinkelspiel, Moritz Montezuma
Dinkelspiel, Moses Suisun
Dinsmore, Edward Francis Benicia
Dinsmore, Luther Benicia
Diodati, Antonio F. Vallejo
Dittmer, Claus Green Valley
Dittmer, Heinrich Green Valley
Dittmer, William Silveyville
Doan, Elgin Vallejo
Dobbins, Andrew Jackson Vacaville
Dobbins, Horace Jefferson Vacaville
Dobbins, James Rio Vista
Dobbins, Oscar P. Suisun
Dobbins, Sterling Price Vacaville
Dobbins, William Jackson Vacaville
Dodge, Charles Tremont
Dodge, Francis Baldwin Main Prairie
Dodge, Frank Furber Main Prairie
Dodge, Frederick Asher Main Prairie
Dodini, Giacomo Vallejo
Dohn, Ferdinand Vallejo
Dolan, Charles Vallejo
Dolan, James Vallejo
Dolan, John Vacaville
Dolan, John Vallejo
Dolan, John Henry Vacaville
Dolan, John James Vallejo
Dolan, Patrick Vallejo
Doll, Joseph Vallejo
Doll, Joseph Timothy Vallejo
Donahue, Timothy Dixon
Donald, Robert Montezuma
Donaldson, Albert Leslie Suisun
Donaldson, Edward Sherman Suisun
Donaldson, George Bailey Suisun
Donaldson, Joshua Vacaville
Donegan, Francis Benicia
Donegan, Frank Benicia
Donell, William Montezuma
Donivan, Daniel Vallejo
Donn, Henry Evertt Benicia
Donnelly, George Alexander Vallejo
Donnelly, John Luke Vallejo
Donnelly, Samuel Vallejo
Donner, Frederick Green Valley
Donnolly, James Vallejo
Donoho, Charles Cambridge Dixon
Donoho, James Glover Dixon
Donoho, William Columbus Vacaville
Donohoe, Daniel Silveyville
Donovan, Cornelius Milton Vallejo
Donovan, Joseph Peck Vacaville
Donovan, Patrick Vallejo
Doran, Timothy Vallejo
Dorman, John Henry Benicia
Dorsey, Edward Suisun
Dougherty, George Patrick Vallejo
Doughtery, William Tremont
Doughman, Samuel Meek Vacaville
Doulan, Thomas Vallejo
Dow, William Taylor Vallejo
Dowell, James William Elmira
Dowling, Frederick Elsworth Vallejo
Downey, Dennis Dixon
Downey, Dennis Joseph Vallejo
Downey, Fred Joseph Benicia
Downey, John Augustus Dixon
Downing, Charles Hawkins Suisun
Downing, James Vallejo
Downing, William Green Suisun
Downs, George Silveyville
Downs, John Vallejo
Downs, Samuel Hooper Vallejo
Doyell, Willet Vacaville
Doyle, James Lewis Vallejo
Doyle, John Elmira
Doyle, John Vallejo
Doyle, Thomas Vallejo
Doyle, Thomos Martin Vallejo
Doyle, Winchester Vacaville
Dozier, Barton Rio Vista
Dozier, Charles Rio Vista
Dozier, Edward Charles Rio Vista
Dozier, Edwin Cuttino Rio Vista
Dozier, Mortimer Robert Rio Vista
Dozier, William Gaillard Jr. Rio Vista
Drake, Charles Vallejo
Drake, Curtis Suisun
Drake, Frank Vallejo
Dralle, Albert Silveyville
Dralle, Lee Silveyville
Dresser, Henry Elmira
Driesback, George Benicia
Driscoll, Dennis Vallejo
Driscoll, Jeremiah Vallejo
Driscoll, John Benicia
Driscoll, Michael Benicia
Driscoll, Nicholas Matthews Vallejo
Drolet, Stephen Etirnne Benicia
Drouin, Edward Denverton
Drouin, Felix Denverton
Drumm, Thomas Joseph Green Valley
Dudley, George Dickson Dixon
Dudley, Jonathan Merritt Dixon
Dudley, Wilberforce Vallejo
Dudley, Wilberforce, Jr. Vallejo
Duffy, Dennis Benicia
Duffy, James Vallejo
Duffy, Thomas roach Benicia
Duffy, William Edward Vallejo
Dugan, John Dixon
Duke, John Gary Silveyville
Duke, Thomas Bayley Silveyville
Duke, Walter Dean Silveyville
Dumas, David Edward Tremont
Dunbar, Joseph Vallejo
Duncan, Charles Reddick Dixon
Duncan, Jesse A. Dixon
Duncan, John Bell Dixon
Duncan, John Caswell Vacaville
Duncan, Samuel Vallejo
Duncan, William Vaughn Dixon
Dundrade, John Benicia
Dundrade, Manuel Benicia
Dunfield, Charles Silveyville
Dunham, James Cobb Rio Vista
Dunlap, Charles Henry Vallejo
Dunn, Jeremiah Vallejo
Dunn, Jeremiah Benicia
Dunne, George Joseph Vallejo
Dunney, Stephen Vallejo
Dunphy, James William Vallejo
Dunphy, Richard Downey Vallejo
Duprey, Augustus Frederick Dixon
Duprey, Henry Frederick Dixon
Durbin, Madison La F. Green Valley
Durbin, Simon Beuford Green Valley
Durner, Charles Benicia
Durner, George Adam Benicia
Durston, Charles Vallejo
Dutton, David Dewey Vacaville
Dutton, J. Warren Suisun
Duval, George Richard Benicia
Duvall, William Henry Benicia
Duvall, William Henry Vallejo
Dwyer, Thomas Benicia
Dyer, Joseph Domett Vallejo
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Name Location
Eager, Edwards Nelson Suisun
Eagle, John Benicia
Eames, Edmund Curtis Dixon
Eames, Nathan Dixon
Early, Edward Benicia
Early, Patrick James Vallejo
Eastland, Henry H. Suisun
Eastman, Edward Vallejo
Easton, William Henry Main Prairie
Eaton, Dempter Alvin Elmira
Eberle, Michael Green Valley
Eberley, Louis Walling Vallejo
Eccles, William C. Vallejo
Edelsten, Ernest Benicia
Edgar, Charles John Vallejo
Edgecumbe, Alfred Edward Vallejo
Edgecumbe, Charles Wesley Vallejo
Edgecumbe, George Wentworth Vallejo
Edgeumbe, Joseph Collings Vallejo
Edwards, Benjamin Franklin Dixon
Edwards, Charles Henry Suisun
Edwards, Charles Nooe Suisun
Edwards, Elmon Paulson Benicia
Edwards, James Garot Suisun
Edwards, John Calvin Suisun
Edwards, William Philips Vallejo
Egbert, Alvin Rio Vista
Egbert, John Wadsworth Rio Vista
Egbert, Oliver Perry Rio Vista
Egbert, Robert Seeley Rio Vista
Egbert, Walter Rio Vista
Eggers, Frederick Green Valley
Eggert, Claus Tremont
Ehman, Charles Vacaville
Ehman, Robert Vallejo
Eibe, Thomas Theodore Silveyville
Eimers, Anthony Charles Dixon
Eisele, Eugene Vacaville
Elliott, Charles Baxter Rio Vista
Elliott, Charles Bean Green Valley
Elliott, Charles James Dixon
Elliott, George F. Vallejo
Elliott, George Trumbull Denverton
Elliott, John T. Denverton
Elliott, Orson Hide Rio Vista
Elliott, William Edward Rio Vista
Ellis, John Suisun
Elmquest, Julius Richard Vallejo
Elson, David Benicia
Emerson, Joshua Vallejo
Emerson, Peter Vallejo
Emigh, Jerome Rio Vista
Emigh, Thomas Powell Rio Vista
Emmons, William Thomas Vallejo
Emms, Charles Vallejo
Enas, Francis Sylvia Vallejo
Engel, Benno Vallejo
Engelhart, Frank Vallejo
Engerman, Charles Benicia
Englander, Samuel Vallejo
Englebright, Henry Sr. Vallejo
English, John Cannon Vallejo
English, Joseph Randall Vallejo
Eno, Alexander Dixon
Enos, Manuel Frank Suisun
Enright, Michael Vallejo
Eppinger, Herman Dixon
Eppinger, Joshua Dixon
Erdman, Ludwig Benicia
Erickson, Edward Suisun
Erickson, Erick Green Valley
Ernetta, Emile Vacaville
Esborn, Homer Vallejo
Eseal, William Vallejo
Esquibel, Antone Deciderio Vacaville
Esquivel, Antonio Maria Vacaville
Estacio, Antonio Benicia
Este, Ward Silveyville
Estey, Edwin Benicia
Etzel, Joe Tremont
Evan, William Montezuma
Evans, George Hampton Dixon
Evans, John Dixon
Evans, Victor Emanuel Vacaville
Everingham, Henry Dixon
Everley, Philip Rio Vista
Eversole, Henry Vacaville
Eversole, James Vacaville
Evins, James Perry Vacaville
Evins, Olivar Ulysses Vacaville
Ewer, Frank William Dixon
Ewer, Moses Newell Dixon
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Name Location
Fabiansen, Alexander Vallejo
Fadley, Jacob Vacaville
Fagan, Edward Pierce Benicia
Fagan, James Benicia
Fagan, Richard Thomas Benicia
Fahey, Martin Benicia
Fahr, Alexander Benicia
Fahrenholtz, John Joseph Benicia
Fallman, Frank Aloysius Rio Vista
Fallman, John Paul Benicia
Fallman, Ludwig Rio Vista
Fann, David Adam Suisun
Fanning, John Sylvester Vallejo
Fannon, Patrick Suisun
Fannon, Richard Joseph Suisun
Farley, Edward Benicia
Farley, James Monroe Benicia
Farley, James Thomas Benicia
Farmer, John William Vallejo
Farmer, Winfield Scott Vallejo
Farnan, Henry Rio Vista
Farrell, Daniel Douglas Vallejo
Farrell, Edward Vallejo
Farrell, James Vacaville
Farrell, Michael Vacaville
Farrell, Patrick Vallejo
Farrell, William Denverton
Farrell, Francis Vallejo
Farrell, William Vallejo
Farrelly, John Elmira
Farrington, Judson Watts Vallejo
Farwell, Fred Augustus Vallejo
Fassett, Willard Odion Vallejo
Faust, John Vallejo
Fay, William Rio Vista
Feaster, Joseph Vallejo
Fegan, Patrick Benicia
Felkner, Orange Oscar Vacaville
Feltes, Frank Vacaville
Fenley, John Alford Elmira
Fenton, Timothy Benicia
Fereira, Jose Benicia
Ferguson, Alexander Dixon
Ferguson, Eugene Dixon
Ferguson, John Vacaville
Ferguson, Neill Angus Main Prairie
Ferguson, Patrick Suisun
Ferguson, William Rio Vista
Ferguson, William Redmond Dixon
Fergusson, Wright Smith Silveyville
Ferrea, Anton Suisun
Ferrell, James Vallejo
Ferria, Nicola Vallejo
Ferrier, John Lyons Vallejo
Ferris, James Harvey Elmira
Fessler, John Benicia
Feudner, Martin Otto Tremont
Fields, Charles Henry Vallejo
Fieser, Frederick Benicia
Filer, Samuel John Benicia
Filto, Albert Orian Dixon
Finch, Horatio Goldsmith Vacaville
Finley, Francis Vallejo
Finley, John Vallejo
Finn, John Vallejo
Finn, Mathew Benicia
Finnell, Stephen Vallejo
Finney, Henry Edward Suisun
Fiscus, John B. Rio Vista
Fish, Christopher Suisun
Fisher, Edward Vacaville
Fisher, Henry Ignatius J. Vacaville
Fisher, Jacob Frank Benicia
Fisher, William Vallejo
Fissell, Willie Elmira
Fitch, Morgan Lewis Suisun
Fitch, William Wayne Suisun
Fitzgerald, Christopher Willie Vallejo
Fitzgerald, Edward Joseph Vallejo
Fitzgerald, James Henry Vallejo
Fitzgerald, Jenkins Augustus Vallejo
Fitzgerald, Patrick Vallejo
Fitzmaurice, Edward Vallejo
Fitzmaurice, Garrett Vallejo
Fitzpatrick, Daniel Suisun
Fitzpatrick, Edwin Lewis Dixon
Fitzpatrick, James Edward Benicia
Fitzpatrick, John Suisun
Fitzpatrick, Lawrence/td> Benicia
Fitzpatrick, Nicholas Raymond Benicia
Fitzpatrick, Thomas Jefferson Dixon
Fitzpatrick, William James Benicia
Fitzpatrick, William Marion Dixon
Fix, James Mathias Suisun
Flammer, Joseph Anton Suisun
Flanagan, James Benicia
Flanagan, Patrick Vallejo
Flanagan, William Joseph Vallejo
Flanders, Fames Franklin Vallejo
Flannery, Francis James Denverton
Flannery, John Edward Denverton
Flannery, Philip Sheridan Denverton
Flannery, William James Benicia
Flannery, William Sherman Rio Vista
Flattley, Bartholomew Suisun
Flattley, Hugh Charles Suisun
Fleckner, Charles Vallejo
Fleischer, Benedict Rio Vista
Fleming, David Michael Vallejo
Fleming, John Vallejo
Fleming, John Victor Vallejo
Fleming, William Augustus Vallejo
Fletcher, St Clare Vallejo
Flynn, Patrick Alfred Elmira
Flynn, Thomas Green Valley
Foley, Bartho John Benicia
Foley, Dennis Benicia
Foley, Dennis Vallejo
Foley, Dennis Joseph Vallejo
Foley, Hugh Vallejo
Foley, John Suisun
Foley, John Vallejo
Foley, John Martin Suisun
Foley, Michael Benicia
Foley, Michael Vallejo
Foley, Timothy Vallejo
Foley, William Michael Benicia
Foord, Joseph Silver Rio Vista
Foot, Harry Vallejo
Foote, Edward Lindsley Green Valley
Foppiano, Giovana Battista Elmira
Ford, Francis Vallejo
Ford, George O. Vallejo
Ford, Harry Clay Vallejo
Ford, Henry James Vallejo
Ford, James Colter Vallejo
Ford, John Harris Vallejo
Ford, Michael Vallejo
Foree, Daniel Harvey Vacaville
Foree, Frank Wayne Vacaville
Foree, Lynn R. Vacaville
Foree, Thomas Lynn Vacaville
Foreman, William Hubbard Benicia
Foreman, William Hubbard Jr. Benicia
Forrest, Robert McClelland Vallejo
Fortunado, Manuel Antonio Dixon
Foss, Hans Tremont
Foster, Arthur Thomas Tremont
Foster, Edward Benicia
Foster, Everett Tremont
Foster, Geo. Washington Tremont
Foster, Michael William Vallejo
Foster, W. Washington Tremont
Foster, William Harrison Suisun
Fougere, Emile Vallejo
Fountain, Solomon Horney Silveyville
Fowler, Frank Benicia
Fowler, William Smith Green Valley
Fox, John Benicia
Fox, Otto Dixon
Fox, William Benicia
Foy, Harry Leon Vallejo
Foy, Patrick Henry Vallejo
Fraga, Manuel Maria de Vallejo
Frahm, Frank Vallejo
Frahm, George Dixon
Frame, George Elmira
Frame, James Elmira
Frame, Sidney Benicia
France, Edward Suisun
Francis, Elexis Main Prairie
Francis, Nicholas Rio Vista
Francisco, Domingos Vallejo
Francisconi, Joseph Dixon
Frank, Ferdinand Suisun
Frank, George Adam Elmira
Frank, Jurgen Benicia
Fraser, Daniel Rio Vista
Fraser, Daniel Allan Silveyville
Fraser, Emery Joseph Montezuma
Fraser, George Rio Vista
Fraser, James Rio Vista
Fraser, James Rio Vista
Fraser, James Prinrose Vallejo
Fraser, William Vallejo
Frasier, John Benicia
Frates, Francisco Ignatius Green Valley
Frates, John Rio Vista
Frates, Joseph Francisco Benicia
Frates, Manuel Rio Vista
Frates, Manuel Lawrence Suisun
Frederick, Joseph Suisun
Fredrickson, Charles Henry Rio Vista
Fredrickson, John Rio Vista
Free, Harry Augustus Vacaville
Freeborn, Edward Price Green Valley
Freeborn, Isaac Chester Green Valley
Freeman, John Vallejo
Freitas, Abraham D. Vacaville
Frelay, Michael Vallejo
French, James Suisun
French, James Alfred Dixon
Frese, Albert Forster Tremont
Frese, John Herman Main Prairie
Frey, Henry George Vallejo
Frey, John Vallejo
Frey, Leonhard Vacaville
Frezzett, Floriano Charles P. Benicia
Frick, Isiah Irwin Vacaville
Frick, Luther Melanethon Vacaville
Friederichs, Frederick F.F. Dixon
Frietes, Manuel Suisun
Frisbie, James Vallejo
Frisbie, Levi Cornell Vallejo
Frisbie, Levi Cornell Suisun
Fritts, Joseph Spaid Vallejo
Fritz, John Franklin Dixon
Frizell, James Dixon
Frost, Arthur Vallejo
Frost, Joseph Hiram Vacaville
Frost, Martin Rio Vista
Frost, Reuben Wallace Elmira
Frost, Truman Grandy Elmira
Fruchtnight, Henry Elmira
Fry, Elbert Lawrence Green Valley
Fry, Frederick William Green Valley
Fry, George Lewis Green Valley
Fry, William Henry Elmira
Frye, William Arthur Vallejo
Futon, Charles Andrew Vallejo
Furlong, Edward Kavanagh Vallejo
Furlong, Nicholas Vallejo
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Name Location
Gabriel, Ferdinand William Suisun
Gaffney, Bernard Green Valley
Gaffney, Phillip Henry Vallejo
Gall, William Benicia
Gallagher, James Vallejo
Gallagher, James Louis Suisun
Gallagher, Patrick Vallejo
Gallagher, Thomas Elmira
Gallagher, Thomas Vallejo
Gallagher, Thomas Francis Benicia
Gallagher, Thomas Joseph Vallejo
Gallagher, William Emmet Elmira
Galmorino, Jesus Suisun
Gamble, John Thompson Elmira
Gamble, William Elmira
Gannon, George Benicia
Gannon, Tomas Vallejo
Ganz, John Dixon
Gapen, John Donaldson Montezuma
Gapen, John McGee Montezuma
Gapen, Willis Montezuma
Garben, Nicholas Green Valley
Garcia, Francisco Vacaville
Garcia, Valentine Vacaville
Gardiner, James Vallejo
Gardner, John Hillman Rio Vista
Garfield, Charles Edward Rio Vista
Garlichs, Oscar Emeil H. Vacaville
Garnett, James St. Clair Dixon
Garnett, William Henry Silveyville
Garretson, Benjamin Vallejo
Garretson, Nathaniel H. Benicia
Garretson, William Howard Benicia
Garrity, Thomas Joseph Vallejo
Gasking, Geo. W. Woolsey Vallejo
Gaspar, John Vallejo
Gately, Peter Vallejo
Gates, Garland Maupin Vacaville
Gates, James Walker Vacaville
Gates, Jefferson A. Jr. Vacaville
Gates, Jefferson A. Sr. Vacaville
Gates, Jefferson Ashbrook Silveyville
Gates, Thomas Lee Vacaville
Gates, Thomas Milton Silveyville
Gaulitz, William Benicia
Gault, James William Vacaville
Gayman, Samuel Oliver Suisun
Geary, Frank Silveyville
Geary, James Vincent Vallejo
Geary, Michael Vallejo
Geary, Michael John Vallejo
Gedge, George Vallejo
Gedge, John Dixon
Gee, James Vallejo
Gehrman, Henry Vallejo
Gehrman, John Christian Vallejo
Gehrman, William Vallejo
George, Hervey Elmira
George, Samuel Bagot Vallejo
Geravaz, John Antonio Suisun
Gerds, William Edwards Benicia
Gerrish, Pebbles Patrick Benicia
Gervaise, Joseph Suisun
Getchel, Edward Porter Vallejo
Giacomini, Michele Elmira
Gibbs, Gustavus W. Vacaville
Gibbs, William Henry Vacaville
Gibney, Thomas Vallejo
Gibson, Joseph William Main Prairie
Giddings, Moses Harrington Suisun
Giesecke, 34912 Dixon
Gifford, Eustis Green Montezuma
Gilbert, Joseph Dewitt Vallejo
Gilcher, John Vallejo
Gillespie, Daniel Rio Vista
Gillespie, Edward Joseph Vallejo
Gillespie, George Anthony Suisun
Gillespie, John Barlow Vallejo
Gillespie, John James Vallejo
Gillon, Frank Vallejo
Gillon, Patrick Vallejo
Gilmor, Joseph Walter A. Vacaville
Gipson, Clarence A. Suisun
Gipson, Martin Langford Suisun
Githle, Leonhard Tremont
Glasford, John Vallejo
Glashoff, Heinrich Suisun
Glashoff, John Green Valley
Glashoff, Mathias Green Valley
Glashoff, Otto Green Valley
Glendon, James Daniel Benicia
Glenn, Charles Vallejo
Glenn, David Cordor Vacaville
Glenn, Richard Roland Vallejo
Glenn, William Perry Rio Vista
Glover, Andrew J. Benicia
Glover Dominik Vallejo
Glusen, Diedrich Green Valley
Glynn, Eugene Vallejo
Glynn, Owen Vallejo
Glynn, Thomas Vallejo
Gnauck, Gustav Benicia
Gnauck, William Benicia
Godfrey, William Seigle Vacaville
Gold, Ralph W. Vallejo
Golden, Mark Ambrose Vallejo
Golding, Thomas James Vallejo
Gomez, Michael Joseph Vallejo
Gomo, Charles Henry Benicia
Goncalvos, Antonio C. Suisun
Gonzales, Ignacio Vallejo
Goodair, Edward Suisun
Goodair, Edward Donald Suisun
Goodman, Seligman Dixon
Goodwin, Benjamin Hamilton Suisun
Goodwin, Henry Silveyville
Goodyear, Henry Clay Silveyville
Goodyear, William Miles Benicia
Gookin, Thomas Patterson Vallejo
Goossen, Frederick Green Valley
Goossen, Henry Green Valley
Goossen, William Green Valley
Gordon, George Benicia
Gordon, James Henry Suisun
Gordon, John Franklin Suisun
Gore, John Benicia
Gore, Robert Vallejo
Gore, William F. Benicia
Gorham, Abraham Vallejo
Gorham, Abraham James Vallejo
Gorham, Frank Walter Vallejo
Gorman, Joseph Lawrence Vallejo
Gormley, Emmett Vallejo
Gormley, James Raymond Vallejo
Gormley, John Joseph Vallejo
Gormley, John Joseph Benicia
Gormley, Thomas Benicia
Gottheimer, Louis Dixon
Gottschalk, Charles Vallejo
Gouel, Julius Alexander Vallejo
Grady, Dennis Vallejo
Grady, John Devano Dixon
Graham, George Vacaville
Graham, Martin Joseph Benicia
Graham, Monon Vacaville
Graham, Richard Aaron Vallejo
Granger, Eleazer Wells Suisun
Grant, Levi Jefferson Suisun
Grant, Philo Seelye Elmira
Gratton, Geo. Washington Vallejo
Gratton, William Beb Main Prairie
Graves, Frank Lawrence Green Valley
Graves, John S. Tremont
Graves, Prince Albert Vallejo
Gray, Daniel Joseph Vallejo
Gray, Edward Benicia
Gray, Francis Marion Vacaville
Gray, Samuel Arthur Benicia
Gray, Samuel Cotton Benicia
Grayson, Charles Henry Vallejo
Grayson, Christopher Vallejo
Greely, Edmond Martin Benicia
Green, Charles Benicia
Green, Geo. Washington Suisun
Green, Henry Benicia
Green, James Houston Vallejo
Green, Joseph Benicia
Green, Robert Tremont
Green, William Vallejo
Green, Wilson Gordon Vallejo
Greenwood, Hugh George Vallejo
Greenwood, James Alfred Vallejo
Greeves, William Charles Vallejo
Gregg, James Silveyville
Gregory, John M. Trimble Benicia
Gregory, John Munford Suisun
Gregory, Luther Howe Vacaville
Gregory, Mass Holt Dixon
Gregory, William Henry Dixon
Greive, Albert Nicholson Tremont
Greive, Charles Stuart Tremont
Greive, Walter Scott Tremont
Greive, William Walker Tremont
Grennan, James Vallejo
Grennan, John Vallejo
Griffin, Charles Francis Vallejo
Griffin, Francis Marion Vallejo
Griffin, George Thomas Silveyville
Griffin, John Edward Suisun
Griffin, Stephen Francis Suisun
Griffiths, David Francis Vallejo
Griffiths, John Vallejo
Griffiths, John Thomas Vallejo
Griffiths, William Light Suisun
Grimes, John Vallejo
Grimes, John L. Vallejo
Grimes, Patrick Vallejo
Grimley, Thomas Francis Benicia
Griswold, Edward Vallejo
Griswold, William Henry Vallejo
Grogan, James Benicia
Grogan, Thomas Vallejo
Groom, Philip Madison Benicia
Grosh, Samuel Rutherford Benicia
Grove, James Henry Dixon
Grove, John Calvin Dixon
Groves, Thomas M. Vallejo
Gruby, Samuel Benicia
Gryder, John Vallejo
Gucker, Charles H. Benicia
Gucker, Edward Allen Benicia
Gucker, Peter Benicia
Gucker, William Emanuel Benicia
Gudge, Joseph Charles Dixon
Guffy, Alexander Vallejo
Guffy, John Lee Vallejo
Guiman, George William Vacaville
Guinnip, Charles Suisun
Guirado, Benjamin Suisun
Gunning, Jesse Dixon
Gurnee, Dor Austin Benicia
Gurney, Leonard Bolles Benicia
Guseman, Cyrus Lincoln Montezuma
Guseman, John William M. Montezuma
Guyan, John Green Valley
Gwin, Samuel Roberts Green Valley
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Name Location
Haag, Eberhard Vallejo
Haas, Lehman Vallejo
Haberecht, William Vallejo
Hacke, Frederick Vacaville
Hackett, Thomas William Vallejo
Hackman, Henry Dixon
Hadley, Samuel Trumbel Rio Vista
Haffner, Louis Tremont
Hagan, Patrick Denverton
Hagarty, Thomas Francis Dixon
Hagerty, Charles Rio Vista
Hagerty, John James Vacaville
Haggerty, Charles Bernard Vallejo
Haggerty, Frank Breen Vallejo
Haggerty, John Benicia
Haggerty, Patrick Vallejo
Haggerty, Thomas Bernard Vallejo
Haggerty, Timothy Benicia
Haggerty, William Joseph Vallejo
Haile, Davis Reeves Suisun
Haile, John William Suisun
Haile, Joseph Seawell Vacaville
Haile, Richard Charles Jr. Suisun
Haines, Cyrus Arthur Vacaville
Hale, David Suisun
Hale, Titus Montezuma
Haley, Patrick Vallejo
Halford, William Vallejo
Hall, Charles Edward Vacaville
Hall, Geo. Washington Suisun
Hall, George Vallejo
Hall, George Henry Vallejo
Hall, Henry James Vallejo
Hall, Joseph Silveyville
Hall, Joseph William Rio Vista
Hall, William Dixon
Hall, William Hudson Vallejo
Halliday, Alonzo Sherman Vallejo
Halliday, George Grant Vallejo
Halliday, Henry Lincoln Vallejo
Hallihan, John Jefferson Vallejo
Hallin, Christian Theo B. Vallejo
Hallinan, George Henry Vallejo
Halloran, James Montezuma
Hamburger, Lawrence Vallejo
Hamel, Frederick Tremont
Hamel, Henry Tremont
Hamell, Julian Vallejo
Hamilton, Charles Dixon
Hamilton, James Suisun
Hamilton, James Rio Vista
Hamilton, James Thomas Tremont
Hamilton, James Watson Dixon
Hamilton, John Tremont
Hamilton, Martin William Tremont
Hamilton, Peter Rio Vista
Hamilton, William Davis Silveyville
Hammett, John Bassett Vallejo
Hammond, Edwin Alfonso Suisun
Hammond, John Trow Vacaville
Hamner, William Porter Vacaville
Hank, Charles Augustus Benicia
Hanke, George Louis Silveyville
Hanke, Henry Herman Tremont
Hanna, John McElwee Vallejo
Hanover, Charles Henry Benicia
Hansche, Theodore George Vallejo
Hanscom, George Elmer Vallejo
Hansen, Anton Vallejo
Hansen, Hans Suisun
Hansen, Hans Rio Vista
Hansen, Hans Christiansen Vallejo
Hansen, Hans Madsen Rio Vista
Hansen, Ole Denverton
Hansen, Peter Denverton
Hansen, Peter Benicia
Hansen, Rasmus John Benicia
Hanson, Henry William Rio Vista
Hanson, roscoe Willis Rio vista
Hanson, William Dawes Montezuma
Happ, John Jacob Vallejo
Happe, Frank August Rio Vista
Happe, John Rio Vista
Harbison, Luther Judson Elmira
Harder, Adolph Christian Suisun
Harding, Joseph Henry Vallejo
Harding, William Peter Vallejo
Harkison, Charles Vallejo
Harlan, Paul C. Dixon
Harley, Geo. A. Caldwell Vacaville
Harman, John Martin Denverton
Harmon, Alonzo Silveyville
Harmon, Arthur McClaren Suisun
Harmon, Sampson Denverton
Harmon, Thomas Vacaville
Harms, Joseph Philip Vallejo
Harms, Jurgen Heinrich Dixon
Harnett, Edward Francis Benicia
Harnett, William Benicia
Harp, James Suisun
Harper, John William Suisun
Harrier, Daniel Webster Vallejo
Harrier, Lewis Garibaldi Vallejo
Harrier, Victor Virgil Vallejo
Harrington, John Marvin Benicia
Harrington, Marvin Henry Benicia
Harrington, Richard Jocelyn Vallejo
Harris, Edward Banfield Vallejo
Harris, George Vallejo
Harris, George Freeman Vallejo
Harris, George Gregory Vallejo
Harris, Henry Suisun
Harris, James Vallejo
Harris, Robert Simeon Vacaville
Harris, William Suisun
Hart, David Marion Benicia
Hart, Wayne Tremont
Harte, Hugh Philip Benicia
Hartin, John Henry Rio Vista
Hartley, Clement Madison Vacaville
Hartman, Henry Vallejo
Hartman, Lewis Martin Vacaville
Harvard, Richard Vallejo
Harvey, Charles Baker Vallejo
Harvey, Edward Cruft Vallejo
Harvey, Joel Ainsworth Vallejo
Harvey, Joel Hubbard Vallejo
Harvey, John Vallejo
Harvey, Thomas Vallejo
Harvie, James Henry Rio Vista
Haskett, Oliver G. Vallejo
Hasley, Casper Suisun
Hass, Andrew Benicia
Hassell, Robert Benicia
Hassett, Patrick Vallejo
Hastings, Charles Foster Dio Suisun
Hastings, Daniel Newman Benicia
Hastings, Eben Jordan Benicia
Hastings, George Alfred Benicia
Hatch, Augustus Timothy Suisun
Hatch, Lucious Lucien Vacaville
Hathaway, Harry Rivers Vacaville
Hatheway, Alden Leonard Vallejo
Haugh, Michael Vallejo
Havens, William Henry Rio Vista
Haverly, Theodore Seldom Green Valley
Haw, David Vallejo
Hawkins, Arculus Cobler Elmira
Hawkins, Duff Green Vacaville
Hawkins, Jacob Creath Elmira
Hawkins, Vardaman Elmira
Haworth, James Thomas Vallejo
Hay, Charles Florence Elmira
Hay, Henry Edward Main Prairie
Hay, John Elmira
Hay, John Wiliam Elmira
Hayes, Daniel Holland Vallejo
Hayes, Jeremiah Vallejo
Hayes, John Green Valley
Hayes, Maurice Vallejo
Hayes, Michael Green Valley
Hayes, Michael Aloysius Vallejo
Hayes, Richard Vallejo
Hayward, Edward Babbitt Dixon
Hazelrigg, Henry Clay Suisun
Hazelton, Aaron Carter Dixon
Healy, Lucien Bonaparte Vacaville
Healy, Lucien Hugo Vacaville
Healy William Vallejo
Hearn, Daniel John Vallejo
Hearn, Joseph Benicia
Heath, Charles Richard Vallejo
Heath, William Suisun
Hector, James Rio Vista
Hector, William Edward Rio Vista
Hefflefinger, Rase Vacaville
Heffley, Ulysses Albert Vacaville
Heffron, Oscar Cole Vallejo
Heffron, Patrick Vallejo
Heider, Herman Paul Vallejo
Heidt, Andrew Wallace Suisun
Hellerman, Christian Henry Vallejo
Hellerman, John Vallejo
Helm, Samuel Craig Elmira
Hemphill, William Leander Dixon
Hench, William Suisun
Henderson, Fred Louis Suisun
Henderson, Orrington Lunt Vallejo
Hendley, Thomas Bailey Suisun
Hendrickson, Henry Vallejo
Hennessy, Thomas Green Valley
Henning, Marx Tremont
Henry, Arthur Lindsey Dixon
Henry, Charles Everett Dixon
Henry, John Vallejo
Henry, Thomas Paul Benicia
Herbert, James George Vallejo
Herbert, John Henry Vallejo
Herbison, William Green Valley
Herkess, Peter Rio Vista
Herlihy, Daniel Vallejo
Herney, Martin Vallejo
Herthum, Jesse Theodore Vallejo
Herzog, Gustavus Adolphus Rio Vista
Hesser, Eugene Marvin Benicia
Hester, Harry Mathias Vacaville
Hetherington, James Rio Vista
Heubner, Augustus Will. Ed. Vallejo
Hewitt, Joseph Suisun
Hewitt, Samuel Sumner Vacaville
Hewitt, Trent Lozee Vacaville
Heyman, Moses Vallejo
Hiatt, Lindsey William Vacaville
Higgins, Andrew Francis Suisun
Higgins, Henry Benicia
Higgins, James Benicia
Higgins, John Hugh Suisun
Higgins, Lawrence Green Valley
Higgins, William Vallejo
Higgins, William Green Valley
Higgins, William Vallejo
Higgins, William Charles Suisun
Higgs, John Elmira
Hignet, Lewis Marion Tremont
Higson, Charles Vallejo
Higson, George Amanda Vallejo
Higuera, Jose Antone Vacaville
Higuerra, Jose Juan Vacaville
Hilborn, Edward Payson Suisun
Hildebrand, Gabriel Lafayette Rio Vista
Hildreth, Charles Harrington Vallejo
Hildreth, George Dexter Vallejo
Hildreth, Seth Simonton Vallejo
Hill, Abraham Buford Vacaville
Hill, Ambrose P. Vacaville
Hill, Charles Robert Benicia
Hill, George Vallejo
Hill, John Wesley Vacaville
Hill, John Wesley Jr. Vacaville
Hill, Thomas Vallejo
Hill, William Henry Vacaville
Hill, William Park Vallejo
Hillbranch, Axel Ferdinand Benicia
Hillebrand, 34912 Vallejo
Hillier, Herman Theodore Vallejo
Hillman, Arthur Constantine Tremont
Hillman, Ernest Clemens Green Valley
Hilton, Charles Cromette Benicia
Hilton, Nathaniel Gould Vallejo
Hinclay, Geo. Washington Vacaville
Hinds, Corliss Vallejo
Hinrichsen, John Christ Suisun
Hippelli, Leander Dixon
Hitchcock, Abraham Farr Suisun
Hitchcock, Francis Heli Suisun
Hitchcock, John Wesley Suisun
Hitchcock, Nelson Bigelow Elmira
Hitchings, Edward Wade Green Valley
Hodges, Albert Vallejo
Hoey, David James Benicia
Hoffman, Charles Benicia
Hoffman, Edward Benicia
Hoffman, John Elmira
Hoffman, John Benicia
Hoffman, John Charles Benicia
Hoffman, Nathan Perry Vallejo
Hogan, James Rines Vallejo
Holdbridge, Jacob Randall Silveyville
Holdridge, Ambrose Burris Tremont
Holenback, John Rio Vista
Holland, Owen Vallejo
Hollenbeck, William J. Rio vista
Hollenbeck, William R. Rio Vista
Holleran, Thomas Vallejo
Holloway, Charles Dixon
Holloway, Murray Samuel Vallejo
Holly, Amos Hake Silveyville
Holly Byron C. Vallejo
Holmes, Hardy Bryant Rio Vista
Holmes, James Vallejo
Holmes, Jesse T. Vallejo
Holmes, John Vallejo
Holmes, Lucius Oscar Vallejo
Holmes, Norredon Rio Vista
Holt, David George Rio Vista
Holt, James Wade Vacaville
Holt, Nathan Vacaville
Holtforth, Fred Tremont
Holtog, Jorgen Jacobsen Vallejo
Holton, Charles Henry Vallejo
Holton, Francis Augustus Vallejo
Holton, Peter Vallejo
Holverstott, John Dixon
Hooper, Thomas Tucker Montezuma
Hooper, William Lafayette Vallejo
Hopkins, Allen Mason Vallejo
Horan, Michael Vallejo
Horgan, John Vallejo
Horigan, Jeremiah Vacaville
Horigan, Timothy Cornelius Silveyville
Horn, Amundus Vallejo
Horton, Joseph Byron Vallejo
Horton, Ralzamon Mason Benicia
Hotchkiss, John Scott Vacaville
Houche, Charles Henry Vallejo
Houche, Charles Henry Jr. Vallejo
Hough, Clark Adam Silveyville
Hough, George Hiram Silveyville
Hough, William Henry Silveyville
Houghton, Cornelius Briggs Benicia
Houghton, James Nelson Benicia
Houlihan, Simon Benicia
Houlihan, Simon John Benicia
Houseman, Frank Starkey Vallejo
Houseman, Thomas Vallejo
Houston, Robert Emmet Vallejo
Howard, John Rio Vista
Howard, John Edward Montezuma
Howard, Timothy Vallejo
Howatt, Edward Bell Vallejo
Howe, Augustus Winthrop Benicia
Howell, Evan John Vallejo
Howlett, Wilber Fisk Vacaville
Hoyt, Andrew Jackson Vallejo
Hoyt, Andres Jackson Benicia
Hoyt, Charles Harry Benicia
Hoyt, Joseph Benicia
Hoyt, Joseph Hooker Benicia
Hoyt, Julian Buel Suisun
Hoyt, Julian Buel Jr. Denverton
Hoyt, Orville Lafayette Benicia
Hubbard, Daniel Vallejo
Hubbard, Paul W. Vallejo
Hubbard, William Sylvester Vallejo
Hubbs, Anthony Vallejo
Huber, Louis Vacaville
Hubert, Joseph Nicholson Elmira
Hubner, George Whitfield Dixon
Huck, John Suisun
Huckins, John Suisun
Hudson, John Vallejo
Hudson, Thomas Benicia
Huf, Frederick Vallejo
Hughes, James Louis Vallejo
Hughes, Michael Suisun
Hughes, Terrence Joseph Vallejo
Hughes, William Vallejo
Hughes, William Armsdell Suisun
Hulen, Andrew Jackson Dixon
Hulen, Geo. Washington Dixon
Hulse, Frank Louis Vallejo
Humphrey, Evan Benicia
Humphreys, James Hughes Green Valley
Hunnewell, Freeman Suisun
Hunsicker, Jacob Sebastian Main Prairie
Hunsicker, Robert Edward Main Prairie
Hunt, Fred Kay Vallejo
Hunter, Edward Benicia
Hunter, James Vallejo
Hunter, James William Vallejo
Hurd, George Howard Rio Vista
Hurd, George Howard Rio Vista
Hurlbut, John Nicholas Silveyville
Hurley, John Vallejo
Hussey, Bartholomew Vallejo
Hussey, Edward Vallejo
Hussey, Edward Bright Vallejo
Huston, John Green Valley
Hutchinson, Charles William Vallejo
Hutchinson, Joseph Warren Suisun
Hutchinson, Mathias Suisun
Hutchinson, William Austin Vallejo
Hutchinson, William Edward Vacaville
Hutton, Fred Albert Dixon
Hutton, Frederick Vacaville
Hyatt, Alexander Alvan Elmira
Hyatt, Edgar Green Valley
Hyatt, Thomas Hart Suisun
Hyde, Albert Tremont
Hyde, Andrew Benicia
Hyde, Asa Fillmore Silveyville
Hyde, Calvin Lamphear Vallejo
Hyde, Fred Warner Tremont
Hyde, John Benicia
Hyde, Leland S. Silveyville
Hyde, Martin Benicia
Hyde, William David Benicia
Hyland, Thomas Francis Vallejo
Hyland, William Tremont
Hyland, William Henry Tremont
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Name Location
Ichertz, Michael Tremont
Ilgner, William Frederick Dixon
Illyes, Jerry Alfred Vallejo
Ingersoll, John David Rio Vista
Innes, John L. Benicia
Irelan, James Vallejo
Irons, Samuel Lafayette Elmira
Isbell, John Thomas Main Prairie
Isbell, Robert Jay Main Prairie
Islip, Harry Alfred Green Valley
Itrich, Franz Antone Vallejo
Ivers, John Augustus Vallejo
Ivers, Robert Augustus Vallejo
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Name Location
Jacint, John Vallejo
Jacintho, John Silveira Benicia
Jackson, Geo. Washington Rio Vista
Jackson, Henry Benicia
Jackson, James Stonewall Vallejo
Jacobson, Carston Vallejo
Jacobson, Hugh Augustus Suisun
Jahn, Jochim Silveyville
James, John Colsen Denverton
James, John Franklin Green Valley
James, John Harvey Green Valley
James, Lewis Cass Vacaville
Jamison, Edward Henry Vallejo
Jamison, Henry Benicia
Jamison, Samuel Henry Vallejo
Jansen, Claus Silveyville
Jansen, Gilmore Dixon
Jansen, Neils Peter Benicia
Jason, George Vallejo
Jenkins, Charles Wootson Vallejo
Jenkins, David Vallejo
Jenkins, Edward Montezuma
Jenkins, Edward Still Vallejo
Jenkins, Griffith Vallejo
Jenkins, William Washington Silveyville
Jennings, Michael Francis Vallejo
Jensen, Jacob Adolph C. Benicia
Jensen, Lauritz Rio Vista
Jensen, Niels Benicia
Jensen, Niels Benicia
Jensen, Peter Rio Vista
Jepson, William Lemonds Vacaville
Jepson, Willis Linn Vacaville
Jewell, Reuben Watson Elmira
Jewett, Henry Erastus Elmira
Johansen, Jorgen Benicia
Johanson, Johan L. Montezuma
Johns, Thomas Benicia
Johnsen, Hans Albert Vallejo
Johnson, Alfred Vallejo
Johnson, Ambrose Suisun
Johnson, Andrew Elmira
Johnson, Andrew Peter Tremont
Johnson, Arthur Main Prairie
Johnson, Charles Rio Vista
Johnson, Charles Vallejo
Johnson, Colman Vacaville
Johnson, Cyrus Alexander Vallejo
Johnson, Edwin Lee Vallejo
Johnson, Frederick Charles Vallejo
Johnson, Frederick Christain Rio Vista
Johnson, Geo. Washington Vallejo
Johnson, George Main Prairie
Johnson, George Edward Vallejo
Johnson, James Andrew Suisun
Johnson, John Vallejo
Johnson, John Albert Elmira
Johnson, John Cleveland Dixon
Johnson, John Demettris Vallejo
Johnson, John Dwinelle Silveyville
Johnson, John William Green Valley
Johnson, Joseph Green Benicia
Johnson, Martin Elmira
Johnson, Peter Vallejo
Johnson, Reuben Nicholas Vallejo
Johnson, Robert Vallejo
Johnson, Samuel Dixon
Johnson, Walter Poole Benicia
Johnson, Washington Vacaville
Johnson, William Rio Vista
Johnson, William Silveyville
Johnson, William Vallejo
Johnson, William Wallace Benicia
Johnston, Simon Benicia
Jones, Charles Rio Vista
Jones, Edward Everett Vallejo
Jones, Frederick S. Jr. Green Valley
Jones, Frederick Sidney Green Valley
Jones, Henry White Vacaville
Jones, James Benicia
Jones, John Wesley Benicia
Jones, Levi James Benicia
Jones, Marshall Vallejo
Jones, Marshall Frederick Vallejo
Jones, Samuel Patrick Benicia
Jones, Thomas William Vallejo
Jones, William Benicia
Jones, William Alexander Vallejo
Jones, William Calvin Montezuma
Jones, William Lloyd Vallejo
Jonin, Herbert Suisun
Jordan, John Vallejo
Jordan, William Thomas Dixon
Jorge, Manuel A. Vallejo
Joseph, Antonio Vacaville
Joseph, Frank Benicia
Joseph, Thomas Vallejo
Joseph, William Vallejo
Joseph, William George Rio Vista
Joy, Charles Rio Vista
Joyce, Thomas Suisun
Judge, Joseph Vallejo
Judge, Timothy Rio Vista
Judson, John Lathrop Vacaville
Junior, Joseph Maria Benicia
Junken, James Noble Rio Vista
Jurgensen, John Benicia
Justice, James Madison Benicia
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Name Location
Kaashen, John Vallejo
Kagee, William Henry Rio Vista
Kahn, Solomon Vallejo
Kalber, Frederick Joseph Rio Vista
Kane, Charles Vallejo
Kane, Dominic Vallejo
Kane, Henry Joseph Vallejo
Kane, James Aloysius Vallejo
Kane, Quintin Jerome Vallejo
Kane, William Henry Vallejo
Kanty, Patrick Vallejo
Kavanagh, Edward Vallejo
Kavanagh, James Willoughby Vallejo
Kavanagh, Patrick Vallejo
Keane, John Vallejo
Kearney, James Ashil Benicia
Kearney, John Vallejo
Kearney, Michael Vallejo
Kearney, Patrick Henry Benicia
Kearney, William Benicia
Keefe, Daniel Vallejo
Keefe, John Edward Vallejo
Keeley, Thomas Daniel Vallejo
Keidel, Frederick Vallejo
Keil, Charles William Vallejo
Keisker, Henry William Tremont
Keithly, Harrison Silveyville
Kelcher, Patrick Vallejo
Kelliher, John Vallejo
Kellis, George Green Valley
Kellum, Geo. Washington Elmira
Kelly, Albert Gallatin Rio Vista
Kelly, Dennis Vallejo
Kelly, George Carlenton Vallejo
Kelly, Hugh Vallejo
Kelly, James Henry Vallejo
Kelly, John Peake Vallejo
Kelly, Joseph Edward Vallejo
Kelly, Michael Vallejo
Kelly, Michael Vallejo
Kelly, Michael Power Vallejo
Kelly, Patrick Vallejo
Kelly, Patrick Suisun
Kelly, Patrick Benicia
Kelly, Patrick James Vallejo
Kelly, Thomas Dominic Vallejo
Kelly, Thomas Francis Vallejo
Kelly, William Vallejo
Kelly William Vallejo
Kelly, William Simpson Vallejo
Kelly, William Thomas Vallejo
Kennedy, George Vallejo
Kennedy, John Chauncey Vacaville
Kennedy, John Edward Vallejo
Kennedy, Joseph William Vacaville
Kennedy, Patrick John Vallejo
Kennedy, William Thomas Suisun
Kennedy, William Thompson Montezuma
Kenny, John J. Benicia
Kenny, Patrick Benicia
Kenyon, William Hazzard Vallejo
Keoho, John Benicia
Keoho, Patrick Benicia
Keough, John Benicia
Keough, Peter Benicia
Keough, Peter Benicia
Keran, John Vallejo
Kerby, William Marshall Rio Vista
Kerns, James William Suisun
Kerns, Martin Benicia
Kerr, Andrew Elmira
Kerr, John Silveyville
Kerr, John Alvin Vacaville
Ketchum, Frank Vallejo
Kettenburg, Jasper Dixon
Kettenburg, John Herman Dixon
Keyes, James Vallejo
Keym, Albert Benjamin Suisun
Keym, William Edward Suisun
Keys, James Aloysius Suisun
Kidd, Granville Tully Vacaville
Kidd, Joseph Lawery Vacaville
Kidd, William Bigley R. Vacaville
Kierce, John Denverton
Kiernan, Francis Vallejo
Kiernan, Tomas Rio Vista
Kilgore, Allen Alfred Rio Vista
Killroy, Patrick Benicia
Kimball, James Vallejo
Kimball, Simon Pearl Vallejo
Kimberlane, Colley Vacaville
King, Benjamin Hamilton Vallejo
King, Charles Benicia
King, Clarence Vincent Tremont
King, Francis Marion Dixon
King, Geo. Washington Silveyville
King, George Dixon
King, John Edward Vallejo
King, John Lovell Vallejo
King, Robert Smith Vallejo
King, Theophilus W. Benicia
King, Thomas Porter Vallejo
King, William Consel Vallejo
Kingston, George Henry Vacaville
Kingston, James Vallejo
Kinloch, James William Benicia
Kinlock, George Henry Silveyville
Kinstrey, Thomas Benicia
Kirby, Abraham Dixon
Kirby, James Rio Vista
Kirby, John Rio Vista
Kirby, John Calvin Rio Vista
Kirby, Joseph Pearson Rio Vista
Kirby, Samuel Rio Vista
Kirchner, Henry Benicia
Kirgan, Frank Charles Benicia
Kirsch, John Philip Dixon
Kitto, Edward Augustus Vallejo
Kitto, Samuel Vallejo
Klahn, 34912 Green Valley
Klein, Bruno Dixon
Klemm, Frederick Green Valley
Kliante, Bassilio Benicia
Kline, Joseph Silveyville
Kline, William Henry Silveyville
Klinefelter, William Peter Dixon
Klitzke, Theodore Rio Vista
Klotz, 34547 Vallejo
Kneipper, Fred William Dixon
Knowles, John Palmer Vallejo
Knudsen, Reinnert Severia Vallejo
Kofod, James Vacaville
Kolb, John Frederick Benicia
Kollster, John Suisun
Koopmann, Henry William Vallejo
Koppikus, Dudley William Elmira
Korns, Levi Vacaville
Koschuch, Geronimas Chris. Benicia
Kramer, Henry Harrison Benicia
Krause, Edward Ernest Rio Vista
Krider, Isiah Montezuma
Kroutch, Frank Denverton
Kroutch, Jean Pierre Denverton
Kroutch, John Denverton
Kroutch, Nicholas Rio Vista
Kuhagan, Frank Rio Vista
Kuhl, Peter Martin Tremont
Kuhland, Louis William Benicia
Kuhland, William Benicia
Kullman, Jacob Benicia
Kulper, Henry Green Valley
Kumle, Adolph Dixon
Kumie, Lambert Dixon
Kure, Jens Peter Dixon
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Name Location
La Fon, Marcus D. Vallejo
Laffey, John Benicia
Lahey, Edward Montezuma
Lain, William Reev Vallejo
Laird, Robert Josiah Rio Vista
Lake, William Harrison Vallejo
Lamb, John Bernard Vallejo
Lambert, Charles Randolph Vallejo
Lambert, Frederick Alfred Vallejo
Lambert, George Dixon
Lambert, John Suisun
Lambert, William Hayden Suisun
Lambie, Robert Lee Denverton
Lambley, Robert William Benicia
Lamborn, John Elwood Silveyville
Lambrecht, Carl J.H. Suisun
Lambrecht, Claus A.J. Suisun
Lambrecht, Claus John Suisun
Lambrecht, Ludwig Andreas Suisun
Lambrecht, Nils Suisun
Lamme, Napoleon B. Elmira
Lamont, George Angus Suisun
Lamont, Hugh Suisun
Lamont, James Alexander Vallejo
Lamont, James Robinson Suisun
Lancaster, John Wesley Vacaville
Lane, James Vallejo
Lang, James Edward Suisun
Lang, Martin Suisun
Lang, Michael Henry Suisun
Lang, Patrick Suisun
Langdon, George Suisun
Langley, John W. Silveyville
Lantz, Levi Suisun
Larkin, Francis William Benicia
Larkin, William Benicia
Larrison, William Caleb Benicia
Larsen, Andus Olaf Benicia
Larsen, John Lawrence Vallejo
Larsen, Severin Vallejo
Larsen, Stephen Andreas Denverton
Larson, Peter Vallejo
Laube, Richard Green Valley
Laughlin, Dennis Main Prairie
Laughlin, Timothy William Vallejo
Lauritzen, Hans Peter Rio Vista
Lauritzen, Robert Rio Vista
Lauther, William Vallejo
Lawler, Richard Albert Vallejo
Lawler, Terance Vallejo
Lawless, Richard Martin Vacaville
Lawlor, Patrick Henry Suisun
Lawlor, Patrick Joseph Benicia
Lawlor, Thomas Vallejo
Lawrence, Charles Beverly Vallejo
Lawrence, John Suisun
Lawrence, William Edward Vacaville
Lawton, Abial Strang Childs Green Valley
Lazelle, Henry Daniel Vallejo
Lazelle, John Quincey Vallejo
Le Grand, Charles Benicia
Le Jeune, Alphonso Vallejo
Le Vanway, Charles Anderson Vallejo
Leahy, Cornelius Joseph Vallejo
Leahy, John Suisun
Leake, Edward Elijah Dixon
Leary, Dennis Jeremiah Vallejo
Leary, John Vallejo
Leary, Patrick Benicia
Leary, Patrick Joseph Vallejo
Leary, Sylvester Vallejo
Leary, Timothy James Vallejo
Leathe, George Warrenton Benicia
Lee, Barney Vallejo
Lee, Charles Vallejo
Lee, Edward Vallejo
Lee, James Bernard Vallejo
Lee, John Vallejo
Lee, Robert Emmet Vallejo
Leen, John Vallejo
Lehman, 34912 Tremont
Leigh, Austin Hustin Dixon
Leigh, Frank Freeman Vacaville
Leithead, James Suisun
Lemis, William Francis Vallejo
Lemon, Francis Bertrand Vallejo
Lemon, John Bonaparte Suisun
Lemon, William Thompson Elmira
Lenahan, Jeremiah Suisun
Lenahan, Tomas John Suisun
Lenney, Antone Vallejo
Lent, George Henry Main Prairie
Leon, Ramon Vallejo
Leonard, George Hall Vallejo
Leonard, Harry Vallejo
Leonhard, John Henry Suisun
Lepley, Martin Vacaville
Lepley, Phillip Vacaville
Lepper, Oliver Benicia
Lepper, William Penn Benicia
Leucht, Carl Vacaville
Levee, Jonas Moses Vallejo
Levee, Sarjah M. Vallejo
Lewis, Charles Henry Vallejo
Lewis, Charles William Vallejo
Lewis, Frederick Theo. Vallejo
Lewis, James Henry Main Prairie
Lewis, John Grover Suisun
Lewis, John Marshall Main Prairie
Lewis, Junius Clay Vacaville
Lewis, William Raphael Vacaville
Lewis, William W. Benicia
Lewy, Charles Vallejo
Libby, Charles Vallejo
Libonardi, Rafuel Vacaville
Light, Phillip Benicia
Likins, Frank Vallejo
Likins, William Vallejo
Lilja, Nils Conrad Vallejo
Lindberg, Claus Victor Benicia
Lindley, Albert Wheeler Elmira
Lindsay, Thomas Vallejo
Lindsley, Albert J. Vallejo
Lindstrom, Charles Vallejo
Lingo, George Mock Denverton
Lipp Charles Henry Vallejo
Lipp, Louis Vallejo
Lister, Benjamin Vallejo
Liter, John Clark Dixon
Liter, John William Silveyville
Liter, William James Silveyville
Little, Charles Stephen Dixon
Little, Stephen Gifford Dixon
Liver, Christopher Green Valley
Lloyd, Joseph Louis Benicia
Lloyd Thomas Benicia
Lloyd, Thomas Benicia
Lockart, Alexander A. Vallejo
Lockie, James S. Suisun
Lockie, Thomas Suisun
Loftus, Michael Benicia
Logan, James Vallejo
Lohmuller, 34912 Rio Vista
Lonegan, James Norman Vallejo
Lonegan, Patrick Nichols Vallejo
Loney, William Henry Benicia
Long, Alexander Read Vacaville
Long, Edgar Earnest Suisun
Long, George William Vacaville
Long, John W. Elmira
Long, Jonas F. Vallejo
Long, Richardson Vacaville
Long, Souther W. Sr. Vacaville
Long, William Buck Vacaville
Longan, Edward/td> Vallejo
Longan, William Vallejo
Longet, William Vallejo
Longfellow, George William Vallejo
Longmire, Leonard Dixon
Loomis, Charles Tucker Elmira
Looney, Patrick Vallejo
Looney, Timothy Vallejo
Lopez, Juan Dixon
Lorence, Frank Phillips Benicia
Lorianno, Joseph Benicia
Loring, Joseph Henry Suisun
Losee, Charles Henry Elmira
Louis, Henry Allen Vacaville
Louis, Joseph Machado Benicia
Lovegod, Frank Vallejo
Lovell, William Vallejo
Lowe, Barney Vallejo
Lowery, Thomas Suisun
Loyal, Robert Butt Vallejo
Lozenini, Carlo Green Valley
Lucero, Luciano Vacaville
Luft, John Silveyville
Lukes, Josiah Dixon
Lunny, Cornelius Dixon
Lurvey, Samuel Foxcraft Elmira
Luttges, Gustavus Main Prairie
Lydon, Peter Vallejo
Lynch, Edward Vallejo
Lynch, John Benicia
Lynch, John Vallejo
Lynch, John Patrick Green Valley
Lynch, Patrick Vallejo
Lynch, Patrick Charles Vallejo
Lynch, Peter Green Valley
Lynch, Philip Bernard Vallejo
Lynch, Thomas Vallejo
Lynch, Thomas Green Valley
Lynde, Edgar Dwight Vacaville
Lynn, George Benicia
Lyon, Charles R.E. Vacaville
Lyon, George Alonzo Vallejo
Lyons, Elijah Suisun
Lyons, James Vallejo
Lyons, James Bernard Benicia
Lyons, Jeremiah Richard Vallejo
Lyons, Joseph Varney Vacaville
Lyons, Patrick Rio Vista
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Name Location
Maage, Frederick William Vallejo
Macarty, James Vallejo
Maciel, Antone Vieira Suisun
Mack, Asa Harvey Silveyville
Mack, Jarius Silveyville
Mackenzie, John Andrew Vallejo
Mackenzie, John Andrew Vallejo
Madden, John Dixon
Madden, John Benicia
Madden, John Rightmire Dixon
Madden, Michael Benicia
Madden, Patrick Vallejo
Maddox, John Henry Vallejo
Madigan, John Joseph Vallejo
Madrid, Manuel Vallejo
Maffit, W.A. Benicia
Magagnini, Guiseppe Suisun
Magee, John Vallejo
Magee, Patrick Vallejo
Magner, David Vallejo
Magner, John Vallejo
Magnus, Nils Green Valley
Maguire, James Vallejo
Maguire, John Vallejo
Mahan, John Suisun
Mahon, James Francis Vallejo
Maier, John David Vallejo
Major, Melvin Diah Tremont
Makemson, Winfield Scott Rio Vista
Malapeta, Vaselio Benicia
Malatesto, Antonio Vallejo
Malchi, John Suisun
Malley, Lewis Patrick Vallejo
Malley, Patrick Vallejo
Malley, Peter Vallejo
Malone, James Alexander Benicia
Malone, John Benicia
Malone, John Aloysius Vacaville
Malone, William Vallejo
Mangels, Louis Green Valley
Manger, Nicholas Vallejo
Mangold, Christain Vallejo
Mangold, Henry Vallejo
Mangold, John Vallejo
Manke, William Suisun
Manley, Frank Benicia
Mann, James Vallejo
Manning, Albert Dixon
Manning, Darius Charles Vallejo
Manning, Mike Vallejo
Manning, William Thomas Benicia
Mannix, James Henry Benicia
Mannix, Michael Benicia
Manson, Frank Vallejo
Mantaphunis, Aristotle Vallejo
Mantaphunis, Demosthenes Vallejo
Manuel, Alexander Vallejo
Manuel, George Vallejo
Manuel, George Vallejo
Manz, Aaron Benicia
Mara, John Vallejo
March, Alfred Alden Suisun
March, Henry Thomas Elmira
March, Jonathan Martin Elmira
March, Louis Napoleon Elmira
March, Richmond Elmira
March, Ruben Duly Vacaville
March, Rudolph Backhart Elmira
March, Rufus Silas Vallejo
Mariante, John Maria Benicia
Mark, Isaac Newton Benicia
Mark, William Carey Benicia
Markatta, John Vallejo
Markey, David William Benicia
Markey, Frank Benicia
Markham, Henry Clay Montezuma
Markham, Walter Scott Rio Vista
Maroney, Patrick Benicia
Maroney, Thomas Benicia
Marsh, William Rio Vista
Marshall, Frank Littleton Main Prairie
Marshall, James Vacaville
Marshall, Joel Sterling Silveyville
Marshall, John Vacaville
Marshall, John Campbell Silveyville
Marshall, Lindsey Powell Montezuma
Marsicano, Pietro Vacaville
Marsicano, Thomas Suisun
Martin, Bertrand Benicia
Martin, Henry Green Valley
Martin, James Lewis Vallejo
Martin, James Merkle Vallejo
Martin, James Phillip Silveyville
Martin, James Thomas Vallejo
Martin, John Matthew Vallejo
Martin, Walter J. Vallejo
Martinez, Henry Benicia
Martorello, Carlo Montezuma
Marzloff, John Vallejo
Mason, Alfred Montezuma
Mason, Charles George Benicia
Mason, Charles Linsey Green Valley
Mason, Frank Herrick Vallejo
Mason, Geo. Washington Green Valley
Mason, George Lee Green Valley
Mason, Jacob Manley Green Valley
Mason, James Vallejo
Mason, Jason Roger Vallejo
Mason, Peter Campbell Benicia
Massey, James Pat. Robt. Vallejo
Massey, John Vallejo
Massle, Richard Benicia
Masterman, James Evans Green Valley
Mathews, John Benicia
Mathews, John Main Prairie
Mathews, Rauline Jose Suisun
Mathews, Thomas Vallejo
Mattison, Robert Stitt Vallejo
Matzen, Ernest William H. Dixon
Matzen, Jorgen Vallejo
Maxwell, John Malcom Tremont
May, James Vallejo
May, Richard William Vallejo
Mayes, John Stephen Dixon
Mayfield, Andrew Jackson Suisun
Mayfield, William Alexander Montezuma
Mayhood, George F. Rio Vista
Mayhood, James Montezuma
Mayhood, John Benjamin Green Valley
Maynard, Milton Allen Suisun
Mayoch, Patrick Vallejo
McAfferty, Michael Vallejo
McAnneny, Francis Vallejo
McArary, Barney Benicia
McArdle, Patrick Vallejo
McArthur, Murdock Benicia
McAuliffe, John Flanagan Vallejo
McAvoy, Samuel Morrison Vallejo
McBride, Eli James Dixon
McBride, John Patrick Benicia
McBride, Samuel Silveyville
McBride, Stewart Hartrum Tremont
McBride, William Zeph Silveyville
McCabe, George Vacaville
McCafferty, James Vallejo
McCann, Charles Tremont
McCann, George Henry Tremont
McCann, John Vallejo
McCann, William Tremont
McCarron, Charles Suisun
McCarron, James Suisun
McCarron, John Thomas Suisun
McCarron, Owen Suisun
McCarron, William Francis Suisun
McCarthy, Daniel William/td> Vallejo
McCarthy, Dennis Vallejo
McCarthy, Frank Montezuma
McCarthy, Jeremiah Vallejo
McCarthy, Patrick Vallejo
McCarthy, Thomas Vallejo
McCarthy, Thomas Lycurgus Dixon
McCarty, Edward Suisun
McCarty, Florence Suisun
McCarty, Joseph Vallejo
McCauley, Charles Daniel Vallejo
McCauley, Cornelius Vallejo
McCauley, Edward Joseph Vallejo
McCauley, James Bernard Vallejo
McCay, Matthew Vallejo
McClain, James David Vacaville
McClain, John Benicia
McClain, William T. Vacaville
McClellan, James David Suisun
McClellan, John Henry Vallejo
McCloud, Robert Emmet Montezuma
McConologue, Bernard Benicia
McConologue, Daniel Benicia
McCool, Daniel Miller Vallejo
McCormack, Archibald A. Rio Vista
McCormick, John Joseph Vallejo
McCormick, Patrick Rio Vista
McCorrison, Wesley Daniel Rio vista
McCoy, Byron Oliver Suisun
McCoy, Hugh Vallejo
McCoy, James Glaucus Suisun
McCoy, Luther Alonzo Suisun
McCoy, Willis Christopher Suisun
McCracken, Charles S. Vacaville
McCraith, Edward James Dixon
McCray, George Harrison Main Prairie
McCray, James Henderson Main Prairie
McCray, John Marshall Main Prairie
McCreary, Daniel Suisun
McCreas, Angelo Vallejo
McCree, Demetrius Benicia
McCrory, James Elmira
McCrory, John Robert Elmira
McCrory, Samuel Lee Elmira
McCudden, James Vallejo
McCudden, James Henry Vallejo
McCue, Daniel Vallejo
McCue, Martin Vallejo
McCue, Patrick Vallejo
McCullough, Charles F. Vallejo
McCullough, Henry Vallejo
McCullough, Louis Sylvester Vallejo
McCune, Henry Ewalt Dixon
McCune, Joseph Henry Silveyville
McDaid, Alexander Vallejo
McDaniel, Roland Jackson Vallejo
McDermott, Andrew Dixon
McDermott, George William Suisun
McDermott, John Dixon
McDermott, Patrick Suisun
McDermott, Robert Benicia
McDermott, William Green Valley
McDermott, William Vallejo
McDevitt, Thomas Henry Vallejo
McDole, Adin Spooner Vallejo
McDonald, Alexander William Montezuma
McDonald, Andrew Vallejo
McDonald, Angus Thomas Benicia
McDonald, Daniel Colin Vallejo
McDonald, David Harrison Dixon
McDonald, Henry Quay Vallejo
McDonald, Hugh Tremont
McDonald, James Vallejo
McDonald, James Benicia
McDonald, James Edmund Benicia
McDonald, John Bane Benicia
McDonald, John Small Vallejo
McDonald, Michael Vallejo
McDonald, Michael Suisun
McDonald, Michael Vallejo
McDonald, Patrick Vallejo
McDonald, Thomas Vallejo
McDonald, Thomas Henry Vallejo
McDonald, William Vallejo
McDonnell, Walter Duncan Benicia
McDonough, John Joseph Vallejo
McDowell, John Charles Elmira
McDowl, Thomas Vallejo
McEldowney, Michael Rio Vista
McElwain, William John Main Prairie
McEnerney, James Vallejo
McEnerney, John Vallejo
McEnerney, John Vallejo
McEnerney, John Vallejo
McEnerney, John Vallejo
McEnery, Thomas Vallejo
McErlane, Charles Vacaville
McEvoy, Thomas Vallejo
McEwen, Hezekiah, William Suisun
McEwen, William Scott Suisun
McFadyen, Edgar Dixon
McFadyen, John William Silveyville
McFarland, John Tremont
McFarland, Peter Vallejo
McGah, John D. Suisun
McGah, Thomas P. Suisun
McGee, William Vacaville
McGettigan, Edward Vallejo
McGill, Geo. Washington Vallejo
McGill, John Vallejo
McGill, Thomas Fergus Vallejo
McGill, William, Sr. Vallejo
McGinnis, Thomas Vallejo
McGinnis, William Ambrose Vallejo
McGinty, John Owen Suisun
McGinty, Michael Suisun
McGloin, James Benicia
McGrane, John Alphonsius Vallejo
McGrane, Thomas Vallejo
McGrath, Thomas Green Valley
McGraugh, Daniel Rio Vista
McGuinness, Hugh Vallejo
McGuire, John Vacaville
McGuire, John Vallejo
McGuire, John Vallejo
McGuire, Patrick Benicia
McGuire, Robert Vallejo
McGuire, Thomas Vallejo
McGuire, William Parker Elmira
McHale, Thomas Vallejo
McInery, Thomas Allen Vallejo
McInnis, John Albion Vallejo
McInnis, John Michael Vallejo
McInnis, Joseph Albion Vallejo
McIntyre, George Rio Vista
McIntyre, John Suisun
McIntyre, Robert Whitney Rio Vista
McIntyre, William Elmira
McKay, Andrew S. Vacaville
McKay, Daniel Vallejo
McKay, Thomas Benicia
McKeag, William Vallejo
McKechnie, John Edward Benicia
McKechnie, Thomas Benicia
McKee, John Donaldson Vallejo
McKee, Joseph Vallejo
McKenna, Joseph Suisun
McKennan, Andrew Suisun
McKenzie, Daniel Benicia
McKenzie, James Buchanan Benicia
McKenzie, John William Benicia
McKenzie, Peter Benicia
McKevitt, Alexander Vacaville
McKevitt, Frank Benjamin Vacaville
McKibben, George Green Valley
McKibben, William Affleck Vacaville
McKinnon, Angus Benicia
McKinnon, John Benicia
McKinstry, Charles Cassius Maine Prairie
McKinstry, Henry Harrison Main Prairie
McKnight, Andrew Vallejo
McKnight, Richard Vallejo
McLain, James Suisun
McLane, Michael Suisun
McLane, Patrick B. Vallejo
McLaughlin, Andrew Joseph Benicia
McLaughlin, Charles Vallejo
McLaughlin, James H. Benicia
McLaughlin, John Elmira
McLaughlin, Patrick Vacaville
McLaughlin, Peter Vacaville
McLean, Allan Vallejo
McLean, Duncan Vallejo
McLees, Edmund Vallejo
McLeod, George A. Suisun
McLeod, James Rio Vista
McMahan, James Edwin Silveyville
McMahon, Andrew Charles Vallejo
McMahon, John Benicia
McManus, Bernard Vallejo
McManus, Henry Vallejo
McManus, John Vallejo
McManus, John Frank Vallejo
McManus, Mathew Vallejo
McMaster, Charles Henry Silveyville
McMasters, Walter Alden Dixon
McMenomy, Hugh Vallejo
McMillan, Alfred Frederick Benicia
McMillan, Daniel G. Benicia
McMillan, James Wesley Vallejo
McMullen, John Vallejo
McMullen, Robert Hickman Suisun
McMurtry, James Thomas Vacaville
McMurty, George Vacaville
McNaboe, Patrick Rio Vista
McNaboe, Thomas Rio Vista
McNally, Bernard Benicia
McNulty, James Suisun
McNulty, John Vallejo
McPherson, Alexander Dixon
McPike, Andrew Jackson Vallejo
McSherry, Thomas Vallejo
McSorley, Charles Vallejo
McSweeney, Dennis Charles Suisun
McSweeney, Jeremiah Suisun
McVeigh, William Vallejo
McWilliams, James Suisun
McWilliams, James Thomas Vallejo
McWilliams Lindsey Green Suisun
Meagher, Mathew Vallejo
Meagher, Richard Benicia
Mears, William Benicia
Meek, Basil Edward Vallejo
Meeker, Stephen Ms. Elmira
Megarry, William Vallejo
Mehl, John Dixon
Mein, Robert Montezuma
Melbourne, Thomas Suisun
Melchoir, Lorens Montezuma
Mellin, Otto Wielheim Benicia
Mellon, John Frank Vallejo
Melrose, William Benicia
Melville, James Vallejo
Melvin, Nathaniel Vallejo
Mendel, John Henry Dixon
Mendes, Antonio Leal Vallejo
Menish, Joseph Vallejo
Menzies, David Vallejo
Merchant, Alpheus Vacaville
Merchant, John Baptist Vacaville
Merchant, Ora Elmer Vacaville
Merrill, Charles Sumner Denverton
Merrill, Fifield Moses Vacaville
Merrill, Hiram Francis F. Denverton
Merrill, William Davis Denverton
Metcalf, Hugh Benicia
Metter, Frederick Vacaville
Metzier, John Adam Suisun
Meyer, Henry Tremont
Meyer, Johann Henry Vallejo
Meyer, John Tremont
Meyer, Paul Suisun
Meyers, Henry F. Rio Vista
Meyers, James Harvey Rio Vista
Michaelis, Frederick Vallejo
Michaelis, Frederick, Jr. Vallejo
Middleton, Edward Elmira
Mielke, Frank Lewis Vacaville
Miles, James Lovell Suisun
Miles, John Franklin Denverton
Miles, Mark P. Green Valley
Millar, James Tremont
Miller, Abraham Henry Dixon
Miller, Albert Vacaville
Miller, Allan Charles Suisun
Miller, Conrad Vallejo
Miller, David Martin Suisun
Miller, Edgar Smith Benicia
Miller, Emil Benicia
Miller, Ernest Howard Vallejo
Miller, Harry Atlee Suisun
Miller, Henry Vallejo
Miller, Henry Vallejo
Miller, Henry Dixon
Miller, Herbert Harthan Elmira
Miller, Jacob Valentine Vallejo
Miller, James Monroe Vacaville
Miller, John Suisun
Miller, John Vallejo
Miller, Louis Bennedson Rio Vista
Miller, Meredith Raines Vacaville
Miller, Meredith Rains Vacaville
Miller, Robert Benicia
Miller, Robert Thomas Vallejo
Miller, Rudolph Vallejo
Miller, William Henry Vallejo
Millerick, Michael Denverton
Millican, John Montezuma
Mills, William Vacaville
Mitzner, Morris Vacaville
Minahan, Daniel Vallejo
Minahan, John Vallejo
Mini, Damiano Vallejo
Minihan, Bart Vallejo
Minyard, Louis Clark Vacaville
Misfeldt, Jacob Dixon
Mitchell, Edward Joseph Vallejo
Mitchell, Elon Arthur Vallejo
Mitchell, Henry Rodman Vallejo
Mitchell, James Vallejo
Mitchell, John Elmira
Mitchell, William Henry Vallejo
Mix, William Noble Vacaville
Mize, Thomas Jefferson Vacaville
Mizner, Lansing, Jr. Benicia
Moger, Abram Vacaville
Moiles, Henry Thomas Green Valley
Moiles, Theodore Green Valley
Moliter, John Pierre Vallejo
Mollan, John Vallejo
Moloney, Daniel Joseph Vallejo
Momme, Edward Benicia
Monahan, Frank Howard Vacaville
Monahan, William Vacaville
Monroe, James Suisun
Montgomery, John L. Vacaville
Montgomery, William Creed Vacaville
Moon, James Luman Tremont
Mooney, John Thomas Benicia
Moore, Albert Dixon
Moore, Amos J. Dixon
Moore, Frank Allen Benicia
Moore, Frank John Dixon
Moore, Fred Wilbur Dixon
Moore, Harry L. Vallejo
Moore, Henry Marvin Vallejo
Moore, Jacob Suisun
Moore, James Benicia
Moore, John W. Vallejo
Moore, Stephen Walker Vacaville
Moore, Theodore Silveyville
Moore, Thomas Francis Silveyville
Moore, William Vallejo
Moore, William Vallejo
Moore, William Green Valley
Moore, William Alexander Benicia
Moran, James Vallejo
Moran, James Edward Vallejo
Moran, Owen Suisun
Moran, Terrence James Vallejo
Moran, William Vallejo
Moran, William Franks Vallejo
Morehouse, George Wallace Silveyville
Morehouse, Le Grand Silveyville
Moreland, John Benicia
Moreno, Bernardo Jesus Vacaville
Moreno, Charles Cress Vacaville
Moreno, Leonard Thomas Vacaville
Morenzoni, Peter Green Valley
Morgan, Frederick Vallejo
Morgan, Jacob Osborn Benicia
Morgan, James Gilbert Vallejo
Morgan, James Junio Green Valley
Morgan, Melford Guthrie Silveyville
Morgan, Thomas Jr. Green Valley
Morgan, Thomas Sr. Green Valley
Morgan, William Henry Green Valley
Morgan, William Martin Vacaville
Morgenstern, Robert Vacaville
Mornington, Charles Wellesly Vallejo
Morrill, Fred Lewis Suisun
Morrill, John Reed Montezuma
Morrill, Lewis Suisun
Morrill, William Stevens Suisun
Morris, Austin Hezekiah Green Valley
Morris, Charles Suisun
Morris, Edward Joseph Benicia
Morris, Frederick Clarence Dixon
Morris, George Gilbert Benicia
Morris, Ira Allen Suisun
Morris, James Amos Main Prairie
Morris, John Suisun
Morris, John Roland Green Valley
Morris, Martin Henry Benicia
Morris, Patrick Benicia
Morris, Robert Calloway Dixon
Morris, Samuel Anthony Suisun
Morris, William Henry Elmira
Morrisey, John Francis Vallejo
Morrisey, Thomas Benicia
Morrison, Alexander Vallejo
Morrison, James Suisun
Morrison, Josiah Zabriskee Green Valley
Morrison, Milton Vallejo
Morrison, Walter Herman Vallejo
Morrison, William Henry Suisun
Morrow, James David Benicia
Morse, Jonathan Vallejo
Morse, Thomas Harvard Vallejo
Morton, Albert Sumner Suisun
Morton, Charles Edwin Benicia
Morton, Edwin Brower Vallejo
Morton, Elijah Benicia
Morton, Geo. Washington Vallejo
Morton, James Benicia
Moss, Elijah Theodore Vacaville
Moss, Frank Vallejo
Moss, William Montezuma
Mounce, John Benicia
Mount, Michael Silveyville
Mountain, William De Vallejo
Moxham, Michael Henry Dixon
Moyer, Daniel Vacaville
Moynahan, Andrew Vallejo
Mudgett, Clarence Irwin Vallejo
Mudgett, Edward Sanborn Vallejo
Mueller, 34547 Vallejo
Mugridge, Charles Franklin Vallejo
Mugridge, John Henry Vallejo
Mullally, Richard Vallejo
Mullaney, James Vallejo
Mullaney, Patrick Benicia
Mullaney, Patrick Vallejo
Mullen, James Elmira
Mullen, John Vallejo
Mullen, John Vallejo
Mullen, Matthew Vallejo
Mullen, Thomas Edward Vallejo
Muller, Lawrence Suisun
Munis, Manuel Suisun
Munroe, Donald Vallejo
Munroe, John Benicia
Munson, Carl Frederick Benicia
Munson, James Denverton
Murdock, Joseph Vallejo
Murphy, Daniel Vallejo
Murphy, Dennis Suisun
Murphy, Dennis Benicia
Murphy, Edward Suisun
Murphy, Edward Vallejo
Murphy, Eugene Vallejo
Murphy, James Vallejo
Murphy, James Conwell Suisun
Murphy, John Vallejo
Murphy, John Vallejo
Murphy, John Bartholomew Vallejo
Murphy, John Bernard Suisun
Murphy, Matthew Suisun
Murphy, Michael Henry Suisun
Murphy, Patrick Vallejo
Murphy, Patrick Vallejo
Murphy, Patrick Joseph Vallejo
Murphy, Thomas Benicia
Murphy, William Vallejo
Murphy, William Henry Benicia
Murray, Angus Suisun
Murray, James Thaddeus Silveyville
Murray, Joseph Black Vacaville
Murray, Zachary Taylor Dixon
Murtha, Michael Benicia
Muzzy, Lorenzo Denverton
Myer, Harman Green Valley
Myers, John Vallejo
Mytinger, Lewis John Vallejo
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Name Location
Nason, Charles Freeman Suisun
Navarro, Miguel Vacaville
Nay, Percy Vacaville
Nay, Samuel Vacaville
Neal, James Marshall Dixon
Neal, Samuel Robert Vallejo
Neil, Charles Vacaville
Neil, Daniel Elmira
Neil, Joseph Vacaville
Neilson, Carl Magnus Vallejo
Neitzel, Charles Henry Green Valley
Neitzel, Frank Egan Green Valley
Neitzel, Joseph L. Green Valley
Nelan, Nicholas Vallejo
Neligan, Michael Vallejo
Nelsen, Mathew Vacaville
Nelson, Andrew Christian Montezuma
Nelson, Charles Rio Vista
Nelson, Christian Denverton
Nelson, George Theodore Vallejo
Nelson, Jacob Vallejo
Nelson, Jacob Montezuma
Nelson, John Andrew Denverton
Nelsson, Nils Green Valley
Nesbit, Andrew Jackson Dixon
Nesbitt, Joseph Ashbury Rio Vista
Netherton, George Benicia
Netterville, William Benicia
Neuffer, Frederick Vallejo
Neville, James Suisun
Nevin, John Benjamin Rio vista
Nevin, Joseph Rio vista
Newby, Benjamin Franklin Dixon
Newby, Ellsberry Suisun
Newcomb, Charles Albert Vallejo
Newcomb, Jonathan Vallejo
Newcomb, Lucius Stewart Vallejo
Newcum, William Albion Suisun
Newell, Benjamin Franklin Vacaville
Newell, James Patrick R. Benicia
Newman, Charles Dixon
Newman, Charles Harvey Suisun
Newman, Henry Yewen Dixon
Newman, Herbert Lorenzo Dixon
Newman, James Suisun
Newman, Philip H. Suisun
Newmark, Richard Benicia
Newport, Bernard Franklin Vacaville
Newton, Ambrose Suisun
Newton, Thomas Emmett Vacaville
Ney, Bartley Vallejo
Nicholas, John Vallejo
Nichols, George Vallejo
Nichols, Joseph Brayton Green Valley
Nichols, Moses Vallejo
Nichols, William Dean Vallejo
Nicholson, Isaac Vallejo
Nickel, William Green Valley
Nielson, Nis Rio Vista
Nielson, Thomas Hansen Rio Vista
Nillsen, Emit Henry Benicia
Nilsson, Nils Silveyville
Nipper, Charles Raymond Elmira
Niroad, George Frank Rio Vista
Niroad, Henry Rio vista
Nitsch, Wilhelm Vallejo
Nixon, George Benicia
Noel, William Henry Vacaville
Nolan, John James Vallejo
Nolan, Thomas Lewis Vallejo
Nolan, William Joseph Vallejo
Noland, Edward f. Vallejo
Noonan, John Vallejo
Nordmann, Martin Benicia
Norman, Travis Weller Dixon
Noronha, Manuel Maria Benicia
Norris, Frederick Clarence Dixon
Norris, William Dixon
Norris, William Leonard Vallejo
Northcutt, Lewis Cass Elmira
Norton, John Main Prairie
Norton, Samuel Newton Rio Vista
Norton, William Francis Main Prairie
Nudd, Elmer Ellsworth Silveyville
Nugent, John Francis Vallejo
Nunan, Thomas Vallejo
Nunes, Jabo Catano Rio Vista
Nunes, Pedro K. Rio Vista
Nurse, Burdett Newton Denverton
Nurse, Stephen Kirby Denverton
Nyron, John Melcher Benicia
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Name Location
O’Brien Austin Vallejo
O’Brien Charles Henry Vallejo
O’Brien, Edward Vallejo
O’Brien, Joe Vallejo
O’Brien, Joseph Benicia
O’Brien, Martin Bernard Vacaville
O’Brien, Michael Benicia
O’Brien, Michael Vallejo
O’Brien, Michael Vallejo
O’Brien, Patrick Benicia
O’Connell, Daniel Benicia
O’Connor, Daniel Vacaville
O’Connor, John Silveyville
O’Connor, John Benicia
O’Connor, Neil Vallejo
O’Connor, Timothy Vallejo
O’Day, John Vallejo
O’Day, Patrick Vallejo
O’Donnell, Bernard Vallejo
O’Donnell, Charles Vallejo
O’Donnell, Daniel Benicia
O’Donnell, James Benicia
O’Donnell, James William Benicia
O’Donnell, Jeremiah Benicia
O’Donnell, John Benicia
O’Donnell, John Vincent Benicia
O’Donnell, Joseph David Benicia
O’Donnell, Thomas Benicia
O’Donnell, William Vallejo
O’Grady, Frank Vallejo
O’Grady, John Vallejo
O’Hara, John Vallejo
O’Hara, John Henry Vallejo
O’Hara, John Vallejo
O’Keefe, Patrick Vallejo
O’Keefe, Patrick Henry Vallejo
O’Keeffe, Michael Vallejo
O’Malley, John Vallejo
O’Mara, James Francis Vallejo
O’Neil, James Vallejo
O’Neil, John Benicia
O’Neil, William Lewis Vallejo
O’Neile, John Suisun
O’Neill, Hubert Vallejo
O’Neill, Hugh Thomas Vallejo
O’Neill, James Vallejo
O’Neill, John Silveyville
O’Neill, John Vallejo
O’Neill, John H. Vallejo
O’Neill, Martin Hubert Vallejo
O’Neill, Patrick Vallejo
O’Neill, Peter Vallejo
O’Neill, Timothy Darby Vallejo
O’Reilly, Maurice Francis Vallejo
O’Sullivan, Florence Richard Benicia
Oakley, Gilbert Hewlett Vallejo
Oben, Charles Riley Denverton
Oberholzer, Albert Dixon
Oberti, Joseph Green Valley
Oberti, Louis Green Valley
Ogden, Stephen Suisun
Ogden, William Elisha Vallejo
Ohlson, John Joseph Vallejo
Ohnimus, Louis Vallejo
Olivas, Jose Miguel Vacaville
Oliver, John Meredith Suisun
Olsen, John Vacaville
Olsen, Julius Denverton
Olsen, Otto Denverton
Olsen, Peter Suisun
Opperman, Joseph Thomas Benicia
Opperman, Julius Benicia
Opperman, Julius George Benicia
Opperman, Louis Henry Benicia
Oppio, Felice Vallejo
Ortlieb, Charles Vallejo
Osborn, Ambrose Augustus Benicia
Osborne, George Vallejo
Osgood, Augustus Niles Benicia
Ostello, Jacob Henry Benicia
Ostman, Peter Rio Vista
Ostrander, Jasper Annis Suisun
Ostrom, George Thurston Vacaville
Otto, Albert Dixon
Otto, Frank Benicia
Ough, John T.B. Vacaville
Ough, Joseph Vacaville
Owen, Edwin Van Vacaville
Owens, Fred Suisun
Owens, John Leandro Suisun
Owens, William Parker Main Prairie
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Name Location
Packard, Charles Vacaville
Page, Charles Edward Vacaville
Page, James Alfred Dixon
Page, William Montezuma
Palmer, Richard Vallejo
Palmquist, Gust Paulsen Vacaville
Pander, Ezekiel Vallejo
Pander, Joseph Vallejo
Pangares, Zacharias John Suisun
Pangburn, Arthur James Suisun
Pangburn, Garrett Henry Suisun
Papadopulo, Alexander de Vallejo
Pape, Christian Henry Vallejo
Parada, Rafael Vacaville
Parham, John Vallejo
Parish, Jacob Dana Silveyville
Parke, Robert Vacaville
Parker, Alfred Campbell Dixon
Parker, Bannie Elmira
Parker, Charles Fletcher Benicia
Parker, Charles Monroe Vallejo
Parker, Drury Fletcher Elmira
Parker, Fletcher Sylvester Tremont
Parker, George Cauley D. Vacaville
Parker, George Lambert Vacaville
Parker, Ira Stewart Denverton
Parker, James Monroe Vacaville
Parker, Oliver Benicia
Parker, Timothy J. Vacaville
Parker, William Boyd Vacaville
Parker, William Lee Tremont
Parker, William Thomas Suisun
Parks, Orville Newton Benicia
Parmele, Darwin John Vacaville
Parmeter, John S. Suisun
Parritt, Alvin Stone Benicia
Parsons, George Walter Vacaville
Parsons, John William Vacaville
Parsons, Joseph Marlin Silveyville
Passalaqua, Benneditto Vallejo
Passalaqua, Nicola Benicia
Patek, Max Benicia
Patius, Ferdinand Benicia
Paton, George Vallejo
Patricha, Joseph Rio Vista
Patten, Hugh Vacaville
Patterson, James Vallejo
Patterson, Richard Peter Vallejo
Pattetta, Luigi Vallejo
Payne, Frank Alexander Vallejo
Payne, John Wilkes Benicia
Payne, William Henry Vacaville
Paynter, William Vallejo
Peabody, Charles Augustus Suisun
Peabody, George Hewitt, Vallejo
Pearson, Edwin Marshal Silveyville
Pearson, Isaac Newton Vacaville
Pearson, Willie Lee Vacaville
Pease, Albert James Rio Vista
Pease, Peter Augustus Montezuma
Peck, Newton Vacaville
Pedrick, John Silveyville
Pedrick, Thomas John Silveyville
Pedrick, William Ernest Silveyville
Pedrick, William Stoneman Silveyville
Pelham, Henry James Vallejo
Pena, David Pedro Vacaville
Pena, Feliz Vacaville
Pena, Francisco Vacaville
Pena, Jose Demetrio Vacaville
Pena, Jose Gregorio Vacaville
Pena, Jose Jesus Vacaville
Pena, Joe Seto Vacaville
Pena, Juan Vacaville
Pena, Juan Cenon Vacaville
Pena, Juan de Jesus Vacaville
Pena, Prudencio Vacaville
Pena, Vedel Policarpio Vacaville
Penaye, Martin Vallejo
Pendergast, Michael Benicia
Pendergast, William Vallejo
Pennell, Walter Anderson Vallejo
Pennycook, Alexander Vallejo
Pennycook, James, Sr. Vallejo
Pennycook, William Dick Vallejo
Peoples, Robert A. Vallejo
Pepin, James Benicia
Percival, Abraham Lincoln Silveyville
Perdue, Geo. Washington Elmira
Perdue, James Dewees Elmira
Perdue, Jonathan E. Elmira
Perdue, William Albert Elmira
Perez, Manuel Benicia
Perkins, Con Marrast Vallejo
Perkins, Dorman B. Suisun
Perkins, Eben Dorman Suisun
Perkins, Herman Suisun
Perry, Andrew Jackson Suisun
Perry, Edward Vallejo
Perry, James William Vallejo
Perry, William Russell Vacaville
Perugia, Pietro Vallejo
Peter, Herman Main Prairie
Peter, Paul Main Prairie
Peters, Albert Green Valley
Peters, George Dumas Vallejo
Peters, Henry Silveyville
Peters, Peter Nicholas Dixon
Petersen, George Vallejo
Peterson, Charles Rio Vista
Peterson, Henry Silveyville
Peterson, Jacob Vallejo
Peterson, John Vallejo
Peterson, Jordan Henry Silveyville
Peterson, Joseph Benicia
Peterson, Louis P. Vallejo
Peterson, Marcus Denverton
Peterson, Marcus, Jr. Denverton
Peterson, Peter Vallejo
Peterson, William Green Valley
Petrus, Frederick William Main Prairie
Pfister, Joseph Suisun
Pfister, Paul Silveyville
Phelps, Charles Ira Vallejo
Phelps, Frederick Dixon
Philbrick, David Wallace Vallejo
Philbrook, John Vallejo
Philes, John Suisun
Phillips, Edward Vallejo
Phillips, George Main Prairie
Phillips, George Vallejo
Phillips, James Jow Vacaville
Phillips, Munson Silveyville
Phillipson, William David Benicia
Phillmeyer, Frederick William Vacaville
Philpot, James Rio Vista
Piaggi, Gaetano Peter Suisun
Piambo, Joseph Vallejo
Piazzoni, Joseph Suisun
Pieper, Henry Dixon
Pierce, Abraham Lincoln Vallejo
Pierce, John William Suisun
Pierce, Robert Owen Vallejo
Pierson, Charles Lewis Vacaville
Pierson, Edward Joseph Vacaville
Pierson, Matthew Eugene Vacaville
Piher, William Benicia
Pike, Thomas Silveyville
Pimental, Frank Suisun
Pimental, Sylvester Suisun
Pimental, William S. Suisun
Pinckney, John Ashfield Dixon
Pincombe, George Vallejo
Pincombe, Lawrence Vallejo
Pine, William Henry Denverton
Pinheiro, Antonio Jose Benicia
Pinkerton, William Warren Vallejo
Pinkham, Ebenezer Franklin Vacaville
Pitto, Paola Vallejo
Pitts, Daniel Gideon Vacaville
Pitts, John Ross Benicia
Plagemann, John Vallejo
Plaisted, George Pomeroy Suisun
Plant, Edward Henry Rio Vista
Platt, Frank La Fayette Vacaville
Platt, George Norton Vacaville
Platt, Ralph Hilton Vacaville
Pleasants, Ansel Putnam Vacaville
Pleasants, James Madison Vacaville
Pleasants, James William Vacaville
Pleasants, William James Vacaville
Ploog, John Vallejo
Plummer, Charles E. Main Prairie
Plymire, James Adams Vallejo
Pomarede, Achille Suisun
Pomeroy, John F. Vallejo
Poor, Frank Hooper Benicia
Poor, George Benicia
Popa, Franz Main Prairie
Pope, Charles Henderson Vallejo
Popes, Allen Perry Elmira
Porter, Andrew Vallejo
Porter, James Silveyville
Porter, William Ambrose Silveyville
Potter, James Vallejo
Poulsen, Andrew Rio Vista
Powell, William Elmira
Powers, Alexander James Vallejo
Powers, George Adelbert Vacaville
Powers, Hiram Washington Benicia
Powers, James Caruth Vallejo
Powers, John Benicia
Powers, Leandor W. Vallejo
Powers, Michael Benicia
Powers, Oliver bliss Suisun
Powers, Richard Benicia
Poynter, Walter Vacaville
Prather, James Hiram Silveyville
Pratt, Joseph Eustace Rio Vista
Prattie, William Silveyville
Pressey, William Brown Vallejo
Pressley, William Burrows Rio Vista
Preston, James Charles Rio Vista
Preston, William Aldred Benicia
Preston, William Francis Benicia
Price, James Vallejo
Price, Joel Wheeler Suisun
Price, Richard Alfred Tremont
Price, Stephen Munson Vallejo
Price, Thomas Elmira
Price, William Henry Jr. Vacaville
Price, William Patrick Vallejo
Priester, Ludwig Vacaville
Prince, Charles Milton Benicia
Pringle, George Wash. Benicia
Pritchard, Julian Peter Dixon
Pritzbur, Charles Dixon
Proletti, Emanueli Benicia
Provencher, Emanuel Vallejo
Provines, James Andrew Elmira
Prymek, Charles Suisun
Pulsifer, Orrin Fred Vallejo
Purcell, John Benicia
Purcell, Patrick Suisun
Purkiser, Jacob Wesley Montezuma
Purrington, Edwin Coombs Vallejo
Purrington, Turner Cowing Vallejo
Putnam, Ike Lewis Dixon
Pyle, Orren Z. Vacaville
Pyle, William Henry Elmira
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Name Location
Quant, George Lamartine Vallejo
Quarney, John Benicia
Quartarara, Salvatore Montezuma
Quigley, James Vallejo
Quigley, Patrick Joseph Suisun
Quigley, William Thomas Vallejo
Quilhot, Frank Van Allen Vallejo
Quilliam, Frederick Allen Suisun
Quimby, Augustus Vallejo
Quinlan, Richard Vallejo
Quinlan, William Elmira
Quinn, David John Benicia
Quinn, Edward William Benicia
Quinn, John William Benicia
Quinn, Philip Francis Benicia
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Name Location
Radcliff, Richard Sheridan Elmira
Radcliffe, Milton Augustus Suisun
Radcliffe, William Suisun
Rago, Francisco Suisun
Rahill, John Francis Benicia
Raines, Thomas Martin Vallejo
Rambo, Arthur Allen Vacaville
Rambo, Isaac W. Vacaville
Ramos, Manuel Antonio Benicia
Ramos, Manuel Caeoa Rio Vista
Ramsay, Thomas Henry Silveyville
Ramsay, William Green Valley
Rand, Charles Bartlett Vallejo
Randolph, Bernt Benicia
Randolph, Oscar Benicia
Ransom, Joseph Henry Vallejo
Rasmussen, Hans Benicia
Rasmussen, Jens Benicia
Rasmussen, Niels/td> Denverton
Rasmussen, Peter Green Valley
Rathjens, Claus Green Valley
Rathke, William Francis Main Prairie
Ratto, Carlo Vallejo
Rauhut, Charles August Benicia
Rawson, Granville Deville Benicia
Raymond, Fletcher Montezuma
Raymond, Henry Rio Vista
Rayn, Cyrus Main Prairie
Rayn, Cyrus Main Prairie
Rayn, Ebenezer Main Prairie
Rayn, Edgar Main Prairie
Rayn, William Main Prairie
Reade, John Vacaville
Reagan, Edward Vacaville
Reames, Manuel James Vacaville
Rease, Francis Dixon
Rease, Frederick Alonzo Dixon
Reburn, George Wiley Vallejo
Reddan, James Patrick Vallejo
Reddan, John Vallejo
Reddick, John W. Silveyville
Reddick, Leonard Suisun
Redmond, Thomas Vallejo
Redstone, William Vallejo
Reed, Albert Augustus Vallejo
Reed, Albert Levi Suisun
Reed, Charles C. Suisun
Reed, George Edward Vallejo
Reed, George Ginn Vacaville
Reed, Harry Vallejo
Reed, John Daniel Benicia
Reed, John Patrick Benicia
Reed, John Warren Vacaville
Reed, Levi Suisun
Reed, Mumm Rio Vista
Reed, Thomas Vallejo
Reef, Adam Vallejo
Reese, Dell Lewelyn Suisun
Reese, Thomas Hail Vallejo
Reeves, Columbus P. Suisun
Reeves, William Wynn R. Suisun
Regan, Daniel Vacaville
Regan, John Joseph Vallejo
Regan, Michael Vallejo
Reganople, Andrew Vallejo
Rehell, John Benicia
Rehmke, Hans Heinrich Tremont
Rehmke, Johann Jorge Dixon
Reichert, Frank Ernest Dixon
Reid, John Joy Benicia
Reinemer, George Charles Silveyville
Reinquin, Pierre Louis Vallejo
Remington, James Kellogg Benicia
Renfro, Lewis Clark Elmira
Rennie, John Vallejo
Renquin, Edward Lewis Vallejo
Revard, Peter M. Rio Vista
Reynolds, Frank Piercy Vallejo
Reynolds, James William B. Suisun
Reynolds, John Vallejo
Reynolds, Matthias Peter Silveyville
Rhem, William Clark Dixon
Rhorer, Joel Neil Vallejo
Rhorer, Jonathan Nichols Vallejo
Rice, Charles Henry Montezuma
Rice, Harvey Suisun
Rice, James Vallejo
Rice, John Vallejo
Rice, John Henry Dixon
Rice, Lewis Henry Vallejo
Rice, Marquis Franklin Suisun
Rice, Patrick Suisun
Rich, William Edward Green Valley
Richards, Charles Dixon
Richards, George Charles Suisun
Richards, Hugh Jackson Tremont
Richards, Joseph Mathews Vallejo
Richards, Morgan Rio Vista
Richards, Ross/td> Silveyville
Richardson, Douglas Henry Vallejo
Richardson, Jerome Bonaparte Suisun
Richardson, John W. Vallejo
Richardson, Lancelot Vallejo
Richardson, Lancelot Suisun
Richart, George Bowman Vallejo
Richart, George Bowman Vallejo
Richart, William Eben Vallejo
Richmond, Robert Stevenson Vallejo
Rider, Lloyd Anson Benicia
Riegelhuth, John Green Valley
Rielly, Garratt Vallejo
Riemenschneider, John Montezuma
Riganopoulo, George Vallejo
Rigby, Adoniram Brewster Vallejo
Rigby, Frank Hartwell Vallejo
Rigby, James Alcanda Vallejo
Riley, Charles Samuel Vacaville
Riley, Charles Wesley Vallejo
Riley, Edward Vallejo
Riley, George Vallejo
Riley, George Henry Vallejo
Riley, James Vallejo
Riley, Joseph Francis Vallejo
Riley, Michael Edward Rio Vista
Riley, Samuel Herbert Vallejo
Riley, Theodore Vallejo
Rinehart, William Henry Suisun
Riordan, Daniel Henry Denverton
Riordan, James Denverton
Riordan, John Thomas Vallejo
Riordan, Patrick Vacaville
Rippey, Edmund Lee Vacaville
Rippey, Geo. Washington Vacaville
Rippey, Walter Vacaville
Rippey, William Gipson Vacaville
Riviera, Jesus Tapia Vacaville
Rizza, Guiseppe Benicia
Roads, Gust Silveyville
Robben, Bernard Wilhelm Dixon
Robben, Frank W. Silveyville
Robben, John Albert Silveyville
Robben, William Bernard Silveyville
Robbin, Fred George Suisun
Robbins, Ruel Drinkwater Suisun
Roberts, Charles Edgar Suisun
Roberts, James Walter Vallejo
Roberts, William Benicia
Roberts, William Henry Vacaville
Roberts, William Joseph Suisun
Robertson, James Vallejo
Robinette, William James Vacaville
Robinson, Alexander Benicia
Robinson, Chester Gates Vacaville
Robinson, Columbus Tibbs Vacaville
Robinson, Geo. Washington Vacaville
Robinson, Grant Tibbs Vacaville
Robinson, James Vallejo
Robinson, James Bennett Suisun
Robinson, Jesse Vacaville
Robinson, John Suisun
Robinson, John Rio Vista
Robinson, John Barber Vacaville
Robinson, Jonathan Mcneile Vacaville
Robinson, Maury Vacaville
Robinson, Thomas Loring Vallejo
Rochford, James Riley Dixon
Roddy, John Vallejo
Rodgers, Asa L. Vacaville
Rodgers, Martin M. Suisun
Rodgers, Thomas Vallejo
Rodrigues, Manoel Fortado Vallejo
Rodrigus, Manuel Fritus Vallejo
Roe, George Vallejo
Roed, Simon Suisun
Rogers, Alex Suisun
Rogers, Alfred Vallejo
Rogers, Alleyne Vacaville
Rogers, Andrew Norton Vallejo
Rogers, Bartley Turner Vallejo
Rogers, Charles Luther Elmira
Rogers, Commodore Perry Elmira
Rogers, George Crum Elmira
Rogers, James Nathan Vacaville
Rogers, James Roe Elmira
Rogers, Selden McMeans Elmira
Rogers, Sylus Orestes Elmira
Rogers, Thompson Gilbert Silveyville
Rohwer, Christian Silveyville
Rohwer, Hans Silveyville
Rohwer, Jacob Silveyville
Roiss, John Vallejo
Roloff, John Vallejo
Romaine, Nicholas Suisun
Romer, Lawrence Suisun
Romer, Martin H. Rio Vista
Romero, Joaquin Vacaville
Romero, Manuel Vacaville
Roney, James Vallejo
Ronzone, Albert Benjamin Vallejo
Roossen, Hans Benicia
Roperto, Gaetano Vallejo
Rosa, Jose Antonio Suisun
Rose, Alfred Warner Benicia
Rose, Charles Nelson Benicia
Rose, Elisha Lathrop Benicia
Rose, Frank Newman Benicia
Ross, Henry William Benicia
Rothenbusch, Albert Peter Vallejo
Rothenbusch, Peter Vallejo
Rott, Edward Herman Dixon
Rounds, Frank Vallejo
Rounds, George Vallejo
Rounds, John Cicero Vallejo
Rowan, Alexander Vallejo
Rowland, Henry Vallejo
Roxburgh, George William Benicia
Roy, Joseph Vallejo
Ruane, John Benicia
Ruble, Charles Semford Vacaville
Ruble, Lewis Cass Rio Vista
Rueger, John Benicia
Rueger, John Jr. Benicia
Ruge, Henry Benicia
Rule, Charles Henry Vallejo
Rule, Samuel Callender Vallejo
Rule, William Vallejo
Rulofson, William Howard Benicia
Rundell, John Rio Vista
Runge, Ehler Tremont
Rupp, Henry Vacaville
Rush, Benjamin Franklin Suisun
Russ, George Henry Vallejo
Russell, David Silveyville
Russell, Joseph Grandin Vallejo
Russell, William Landy Vallejo
Rust, Abraham Elmira
Rust, Charles Lee Main Prairie
Rust, Christopher C. Elmira
Rust, Jesse Main Prairie
Rutan, Isaac Myers Vallejo
Rutan, William Meyer Vallejo
Rutherford, Charles Henry Vacaville
Rutherford, John Vallejo
Rutherford, John Alex Vallejo
Rutherford, Robert Albert Vacaville
Ryan, Andrew Benicia
Ryan, James Vallejo
Ryan, James Vallejo
Ryan James Vallejo
Ryan, James Black Vallejo
Ryan, John Vallejo
Ryan, John Benicia
Ryan, John Thomas Vallejo
Ryan, Patrick Francis Vallejo
Ryan, Thomas Vallejo
Ryan, William Patrick Vallejo
Rychard, Charles Main Prairie
Ryder, Thomas Franklin Suisun
Ryerson, Adrian P. Benicia
Ryerson, George Lincoln Benicia
Ryhiner, Theodore P.O. Vacaville
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Name Location
Sackett, John Ellwood Vacaville
Sage, Charles Timothy Benicia
Sailor, John Henry Vallejo
Sallon, John Suisun
Samuelson, Cornelius W. Suisun
Sanborn, Allan Page Benicia
Sanborn, Joseph Lewis Benicia
Sanborn, William Kelley Benicia
Sanders, John Olof Vallejo
Sankey, John Bartran Vallejo
Sargent, Geo. Washington Vallejo
Sargent, Geo. Washington Vallejo
Sargent, William Franklin Vallejo
Sargent, William Isaac Vallejo
Sassarego, Giovanni Vallejo
Saunders, Alonzo A. Tremont
Saunders, James Olof Vallejo
Saunders, Walter Gillette Vallejo
Sauter, Herman Vallejo
Savage, George Henry Vallejo
Savage, Patrick Vallejo
Sawyer, John Elmira
Saxton, Harold Richardson Vacaville
Saxton, Jesse B. Vacaville
Scafero, Vincent Montezuma
Scannell, James Benicia
Scannell, James Benicia
Scarlett, Charles Henry Rio Vista
Scarlett, Samuel Suisun
Scarlett, William Wilson Suisun
Scettrini, Paul Suisun
Schaefer, Charles Vallejo
Schaefer, Francis Benicia
Schaffer, Christopher Montezuma
Schanke, William Henry Vacaville
Schartz, Augustus Silveyville
Scheelline, Nathan Elmira
Schillingsburg, Elias Vallejo
Schillingsburg, Harry Cassady Vallejo
Schillingsburg, William Vallejo
Schinkel, Henry Green Valley
Schirmer, Charles Dixon
Schlegel, Seranus Kutz Vacaville
Schmidt, Frederick Henry Tremont
Schmidt, Peter Green Valley
Schnebely, Henry Richard Vallejo
Schneider, Charles Vallejo
Schneider, Frederick Benicia
Schneider, Jacob/td> Dixon
Schoffler, John Vallejo
Scholtz, Henry Vallejo
Schomer, Hans Dixon
Schroeder, Frank Vallejo
Schroeder, Jochim Silveyville
Schroeder, John Jacob Dixon
Schroeder, William Vallejo
Schultz, Ed Ernest Vallejo
Schultz, Henry Green Valley
Schumakoff, William Vallejo
Schuppert, Michael Lucas Green Valley
Schutter, Henry J. Silveyville
Schwalbe, Joseph Vallejo
Schwalbe, Paul Vallejo
Sciarini, Joseph Montezuma
Sckow, Neils Anderson Rio Vista
Scott, Charles Vallejo
Scott, Harrison Vacaville
Scott, James Suisun
Scott, John Vallejo
Seaman, Fred. Augustus Vallejo
Seamans, Daniel Hawkins Vallejo
Sears, James R. Vacaville
Seaver, George Henry Benicia
Seger, Francis Hutton Elmira
Sego, Antonio J.F. Vacaville
Sego, Frank Freitas Vacaville
Selecman, Edwin Dennis Elmira
Selecman, Henry Smith Elmira
Selecman, Joseph Henry Elmira
Self, James Long Vallejo
Semler, Rudolph C. Rio Vista
Serpas, Frank Aurilio Suisun
Serpas, Jose Ignacio Suisun
Serpas, Manuel Ignacio Suisun
Severson, Thomas Hellmer Suisun
Sexton, Michael Rio Vista
Sexton, Patrick Martin Rio vista
Seymour, John Edward Vallejo
Shade, J. Washington Vallejo
Shadle, William Vallejo
Shaler, William Lyman Rio Vista
Shane, Frederick Tremont
Shangraw, Austin Franklin Dixon
Shannon, Jackson Mason Vacaville
Shannon, James Martin Montezuma
Shannon, Robert William Vallejo
Sharfenberger, John Benicia
Sharp, George Wash. Vallejo
Sharp, Isaac Gilbert Vallejo
Sharp, Lawrence Vallejo
Sharpe, George H. Elmira
Shaw, Clifton Byron Dixon
Shaw, Samuel Fisk Dixon
Shaw, William Vallejo
Shaw, William David Vallejo
Shay, William J. Dixon
Sheahan, Maurice Vallejo
Sheean, Daniel Lewis Vallejo
Sheehan, John Saint Vallejo
Sheehan, Maurice Joseph Vallejo
Sheehan, Michael Joseph Vallejo
Sheehan, Patrick Vallejo
Sheehan, Timothy Vallejo
Sheehan, Timothy Vallejo
Sheehan, William David Benicia
Sheeran, Patrick Vallejo
Sheldon, Byron Newton Suisun
Sheldon, Harrison Corwin Denverton
Sheldon, William Corydon Suisun
Sheldon, William M. Suisun
Shelly, John C. Suisun
Shepherd, Benjamin Walker Vacaville
Sheppa, Oswald Richard Suisun
Sheppa, Paul Elmira
Shields, Edward Sheridan Suisun
Shields, James Francis Suisun
Shields, John Baltimore Suisun
Shipler, John Martin Vacaville
Shippee, Melzas Leroy Benicia
Shoemaker, D.F. Benicia
Shorey, Henry Augustine Suisun
Shorey, Summer Augustine Suisun
Short, Matthew Benicia
Shortridge, Frederick Andrew Vallejo
Shortridge, John William Vallejo
Shouse, Cadwalder Vallejo
Shouse, James Crawford Vallejo
Shroeder, Jurgen Silveyville
Sicotte, Moses Vacaville
Siders, David Vacaville
Sides, George Elvin Vallejo
Sides, John Vallejo
Sidwell, Robert Carithers Benicia
Siebe, Claus Frederick Suisun
Siebe, John Heinrick Benicia
Siebe, Peter Green Valley
Siever, Aaron Suisun
Sievers, Hans Tremont
Sievers, Johann Silveyville
Sikes, Jonathan Tremont
Silva, Antone Roderick Benicia
Silva, Antonio Christiano Benicia
Silva, Frank Borges de Vacaville
Silva, John Benicia
Silva, John Antonio Benicia
Silva, Jose Pedrozo Montezuma
Silva, Manuel Benicia
Silvas, Henry B. Benicia
Silveira, Antonio Maria Vallejo
Silveira, Joseph Suisun
Silveira, Joseph Frates de Suisun
Silver, Henry Clay Silveyville
Silveria, Antonio Cardoza de Benicia
Silviera, Jose Francisco de Benicia
Simmonds, Richard Eben Benicia
Simmonds, William Shapel Benicia
Simonton, Frank Russ Vallejo
Simonton, James G. Vallejo
Simpson, James Bailly Rio Vista
Simpson, James M. Elmira
Simpson, John Alexander Rio Vista
Simpson, William Henry Rio Vista
Singler, Rudolph Benicia
Siple, Joseph Gilbert Green Valley
Siron, Gilbert Price Vallejo
Skelly, William P. Vallejo
Skerrett, William Henry Vallejo
Skillin, Andrew Lewis Elmira
Slattery, William Henry Vallejo
Sloan, James Vallejo
Small, Fred S. Vallejo
Small, Frederick Augustus Vallejo
Small, Louis DeWitt Vacaville
Small, Simeon Foss Elmira
Smart, Robert Luther Tremont
Smith, Albert N. Suisun
Smith, Alexander Weeks Montezuma
Smith Andrew Vallejo
Smith, Andrew Young Green Valley
Smith, Charles Benicia
Smith, Charles Elmira
Smith, Charles Center Benicia
Smith, Charles Frederick Vallejo
Smith, David Elmira
Smith, Edward Nelson Vallejo
Smith, Edwin Frederick Suisun
Smith, Erasmus Vallejo
Smith, Francis Marion Suisun
Smith, Frank Vallejo
Smith, Frank Vallejo
Smith, Frank James Vallejo
Smith, Frederick Hale Dixon
Smith, Garrett Davis Vallejo
Smith, George Vallejo
Smith, George Thomas Vallejo
Smith, George Ulysses Suisun
Smith, Henry Daniel Elmira
Smith, Henry Thomas Vallejo
Smith, James Vallejo
Smith, James Vallejo
Smith, James Ambrose Benicia
Smith, James Girard Vallejo
Smith, James Harvey Elmira
Smith, James Humphrey Vallejo
Smith, James Irving Suisun
Smith James Joseph Benicia
Smith, James Louis Elmira
Smith, John Vallejo
Smith, John Vallejo
Smith John Vallejo
Smith, John Charles Montezuma
Smith, John Edward T. Rio Vista
Smith, John James Vallejo
Smith, John L. Vacaville
Smith, John Wesley Suisun
Smith, Julius Allen Vacaville
Smith, Lincoln Walker Benicia
Smith, Louis Edwin Vallejo
Smith, Mathew John Benicia
Smith Maxwell Blair Benicia
Smith, Nehemiah Vallejo
Smith, Oliver Curtis Vallejo
Smith, Patrick Vallejo
Smith, Peter Vallejo
Smith, Peter Green Valley
Smith, Peter Henry Vallejo
Smith, Peter Larney Benicia
Smith, Rube Vacaville
Smith, Thomas Benicia
Smith, Thomas Vallejo
Smith, Thomas Vallejo
Smith, William Elmira
Smith, William Henry Main Prairie
Smith, William Henry Suisun
Smith, William Weldon Vacaville
Smith, Willian John Vallejo
Smither, John Vacaville
Smither, Peter Milton Suisun
Smithers, Walter Leon Dixon
Smouse, William Watson Rio Vista
Smyth, James Laurence Rio Vista
Smyth, John Elmira
Smyth, Morgan V. Elmira
Smyth, Robert Joseph Rio Vista
Smythe, Charles Peter Rio Vista
Snead, John Ristine Tremont
Snead, Stephen Little Dixon
Snider, David C. Vallejo
Snodgrass, William Franklin Dixon
Snook, John Gideon Main Prairie
Snyder, Edwin Rio Vista
Snyder, Jacob A. Vacaville
Snyder, Paul Dixon
Soanes, Charles Thomas Vallejo
Soanes, James Vallejo
Soanes, Joseph Vallejo
Soanes, Joseph Lawrence Vallejo
Soldate, Mack Andrew Suisun
Sonoginni, Domenico Suisun
Sorrell, Thomas Jefferson Tremont
Sorrell, William Henry Dixon
Sousa, Joseph Nunes Vallejo
Souther, John Spear Vallejo
Southwick, Benjamin Vallejo
Southworth, Edward Benicia
Souza, Antonio Denverton
Souza, Jose Joaquin Vallejo
Souza, Joseph Enos Rio Vista
Spaulding, Abiel Lawrence Vallejo
Spaulding, Charles Benicia
Spaulding, John Vallejo
Spaulding, John Keeney Vacaville
Speechly, John Benicia
Sperry, Asher Elmira
Spinner, Charles Montezuma
Spooner, Ira Legrand Vallejo
Spriggs, Levi Vallejo
Spruce, John Vallejo
Squires, William Kingdom Rio Vista
St. John, Frank Edwin Vallejo
St. John, Pierce Vallejo
St. John, Stephen Vallejo
Stadfeld, Joseph Vacaville
Stafford, William Benicia
Stahl, Henry Ferdinand Vallejo
Stanford, David Main Prairie
Stanford, William Townsend Vallejo
Stanley, Henry Vallejo
Stanton, Jed Clark Rio Vista
Stanton, John William Benicia
Stanton, Patrick Henry Vallejo
Staples, Ernest Herbert Vallejo
Staples, Frank Oliver Suisun
Stark, William Silas Vacaville
Starr, Augustus Wash. Vallejo
Starr, William Henry Suisun
Starrs, Nicholas Benicia
Starrs, William Benicia
Starrs, William Armstrong Benicia
Statler, John Richey Vacaville
Staton, Jadia Lee Dixon
Staton, Joseph Seymour Silveyville
Steele, John Franklin Suisun
Steffan, Philip Vallejo
Steffen, Jacob Vallejo
Steiger, Alexander Vacaville
Steiger, Harrison Lincoln Vacaville
Steiger, Melville Rudolph Vacaville
Sten, Adolph Montezuma
Stenge, Morris Dixon
Stephens, Basil Wells Silveyville
Stephens, Charles Suisun
Stephens, George Clifford Main Prairie
Stephens, Robert Edmund L. Silveyville
Stephens, William Bell Suisun
Stephens, Wilson Rio Vista
Stepp, William Vacaville
Stern, Jacob Rio Vista
Stern, John Green Valley
Stevens, Benjamin Franklin Vallejo
Stevens, Calvin Elkin Vallejo
Stevens, Charles Rauschert Vallejo
Stevens, George Martin Vacaville
Stevens, George Webster Benicia
Stevens, Henry Dwight Vallejo
Stevens, Horace Silveyville
Stevens, John Benicia
Stevens, John Vallejo
Stevens, Joseph Vallejo
Stevens, Robert Vallejo
Stevens, Walter Dixon
Stevensen, Andrew Muldrow Vacaville
Stevenson, Austin Vallejo
Stevenson, Charles Albert Elmira
Stevenson, Charles Henry Vacaville
Stevenson, Elmer Vallejo
Stevenson, Jacob Vallejo
Stewart, Charles Benicia
Stewart, Charles Maurice Elmira
Stewart, Edgar L. Denverton
Stewart, J.B. Vallejo
Stewart, Matthew Rio Vista
Stewart, Peter Montezuma
Stewart, Peter Duncan Benicia
Stewart, Robert Suisun
Stewart, Samuel Denverton
Stewart, Thomas Chambers Denverton
Stewart, William Alexander Montezuma
Stiegler, John Vallejo
Stile, Andrew Augustus Vallejo
Stillwell, George Fox Vacaville
Stipp, James Harrison Vacaville
Stitt, Henry Clay Vacaville
Stitt, James Warren Vacaville
Stitt, Robert Berry Vacaville
Stitt, William Johnson Vacaville
Stockford, Alfred D. Vallejo
Stockwell, James Allen Dixon
Stoddard, Albert Morgan Benicia
Stoddard, John Vallejo
Stoelen, Henry Reinerus Vallejo
Stoke, Thomas Vacaville
Stone, Henry Dixon
Stone, William Frank Vallejo
Storey, Alfred Riley Dixon
Stork, Peter Rio Vista
Story, Bert J. Main Prairie
Stotter, John Vallejo
Stoyell, Geo. Washington Suisun
Stoyell, William Henry Suisun
Street, Augustus M. Vallejo
Streichan, Paul Vallejo
Streichan, William Vallejo
Strengo, George Vallejo
Strong, John Westion Vallejo
Strous, Chris Vacaville
Strube, Henry Augustus Silveyville
Stuart, Alexander Tremont
Studer, Christian Green Valley
Sturgill, Jacob Lee Elmira
Sturgill, James George Vacaville
Sturgill, Lewis Edgar Dixon
Styche, Henry Vallejo
Suhren, George Henry Suisun
Sullivan, Alpha Cooke Vacaville
Sullivan, Cornelius Vallejo
Sullivan, Daniel Vallejo
Sullivan, Daniel Suisun
Sullivan, Daniel Vallejo
Sullivan, Daniel Mark Suisun
Sullivan, Frank Vallejo
Sullivan, Frank Ellsworth Vacaville
Sullivan, Hubert Sherman Vacaville
Sullivan, James Edward Rio Vista
Sullivan, Jeremiah Vallejo
Sullivan, Jeremiah Vacaville
Sullivan, John Vallejo
Sullivan, John Montezuma
Sullivan John A. Vallejo
Sullivan, John Henry Vallejo
Sullivan, John Mathias Denverton
Sullivan, John Patrick Suisun
Sullivan, Joseph Dennis Suisun
Sullivan, Michael Lynch Vallejo
Sullivan, Patrick Vallejo
Sullivan, Peter Vallejo
Sullivan, Peter Michael Vallejo
Sullivan, Thomas Francis Montezuma
Sundquist, Ernest William Vallejo
Sundquist, John Edward Vallejo
Supple, Edward Vallejo
Sutherland, David Roy Benicia
Sutton, James Lawrence Vallejo
Swaby, Edgar Allen Dixon
Swan, Burt Hamilton Vallejo
Swan, William Vallejo
Swasey, Maurice Bell Vacaville
Sweaney, James Naylor Vacaville
Sweaney, John Silveyville
Sweaney, William Thomas Suisun
Sweeney, Bartholomew Vallejo
Sweeney, Michael Benicia
Sweeney, Owen Vacaville
Sweeney, Patrick Elmira
Sweeney, Patrick Dixon
Sweeney, Thomas Benicia
Sweetzer, Andrew Ingalls Green Valley
Sweitzer, Franklin Pierce Suisun
Sweitzer, James Harrison Suisun
Swenson, Bernard Fritzof Dixon
Swim, David Kirkland Suisun
Swyer, Cornelius Dixon
Sylvester, Hartman D. Suisun
Sylvester, Raynor Rio Vista
Sylvia, Joseph Elmira
Syverson, Seven Suisun
Szubert, Frank Vacaville
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Name Location
Tait, Alexander Elmira
Talbert, John Montezuma
Talbot, William Sanders Vallejo
Talbot, William Thomas Vallejo
Taliaferro, Haywood Taylor Elmira
Talley, William Silveyville
Tavares, Jayme Guilherme Suisun
Taylor, Byron Isaac Vallejo
Taylor, Edwin B. Dixon
Taylor, Frank Josiah Montezuma
Taylor, Ira Vacaville
Taylor, John Preston Vallejo
Taylor, Theophilus Green Valley
Taylor, William Henry Suisun
Taylor, William Herbert Vacaville
Taylor, William Hursey Vallejo
Tayntor, Lewis Vallejo
Teale, George W. Benicia
Telfor, William Vallejo
Temple, John Augustus Vacaville
Thickbroom, Jabez Benicia
Thiebaud, Clarence Dufour Benicia
Thissell, Ezra William Vacaville
Thissell, Geo. Washington Vacaville
Thissell, John, Nelson Vacaville
Thom, Alexander Vallejo
Thomas, Charles Boyd Suisun
Thomas, Francis Lee Dixon
Thomas, Francis Marion Dixon
Thomas, Henry Vallejo
Thomas, Jesse Harriman Rio Vista
Thomas, John Wilson Vallejo
Thomas, Melzar Main Prairie
Thompson, Alec Quarrier Silveyville
Thompson, Andrew Elmira
Thompson, Charles William Dixon
Thompson, Clarence Lee Dixon
Thompson, Daniel Nicole Denverton
Thompson, George Rio Vista
Thompson, George Vallejo
Thompson, George Henry Benicia
Thompson, Henry Vallejo
Thompson, Henry Lee Benicia
Thompson, Hugh N. Rio Vista
Thompson, Jacob Benicia
Thompson, James David Vallejo
Thompson, John Alexander C. Dixon
Thompson, John David Suisun
Thompson, Joseph Edward Benicia
Thompson, Joseph Nevin Rio Vista
Thompson, Thomas Huston Vacaville
Thompson, Victor Amanuel Main Prairie
Thompson, William Reginald Benicia
Thoreson, Hans Vallejo
Thornton, Thomas Alexander Vallejo
Thurber, Albert Elijah Vallejo
Thurber, Clinton Baker Vallejo
Thurber, Edward Robinson Vacaville
Thurber, Herbert Elias Vallejo
Thurber, Rufus Waterman Vacaville
Tibbetts, Isaiah Vallejo
Tiernan, Lawrence Vallejo
Tiernan, Patrick Benicia
Tierney, Daniel Vallejo
Tierney, John Vallejo
Tighe, James Vallejo
Tillotson, Charles Franklin Suisun
Tillotson, Geo. Washington Elmira
Tillotson, Harvey Cicero Main Prairie
Tilson, James Ritchie Vacaville
Tilson, John Dungan Vacaville
Timm, Hans Tremont
Timm, Peter Silveyville
Timm, William Henry Dixon
Tingle, John Henry Vallejo
Titcomb, Harry Stanley Vallejo
Titcomb, John Locke Vallejo
Tobin, Fred Vincent Vallejo
Tobin, James Vallejo
Tobin, James Reuben Vallejo
Tobin, John George Vallejo
Tobin, Philip Elmira
Tobin, Richard Vallejo
Tobin, William John Vallejo
Toland, James Vallejo
Tomasini, Julian Suisun
Tomkins, Samuel Allen Vacaville
Tonneson, Charles Denverton
Tonneson, Daniel Andrew Denverton
Toothaker, Harvey Purrington Vallejo
Topley, James Vallejo
Topley, James Henry Vallejo
Topley, William Henry Vallejo
Torelli, Pedro Benicia
Tormey, William Vallejo
Torres, Jose Ramon Vacaville
Towle, Charles Bruce Vallejo
Towner, Eleazer Suisun
Towson, Allen Vacaville
Towson, William Buck Vacaville
Trabbold, Walter John Vallejo
Trafton, Augustus Dixon
Tragainee, Peter Vallejo
Trahy, William Vallejo
Trainor, George Carroll Suisun
Tregaskis, John Milton Vallejo
Tretheway, Arthur Vallejo
Triplett, George Main Prairie
Triplett, Green Berry Main Prairie
Triplett, Hiram Benjamin Main Prairie
Triplett, Samuel Main Prairie
Trull, Fred Warren Vallejo
Truman, John Suisun
Trumbull, Charles William Benicia
Tubbs, Warren Vacaville
Tuck, John Vacaville
Tuck, John Colbey Elmira
Tucker, Daniel L. Vacaville
Tully, Charles Benicia
Turcott, Joseph Heilare Green Valley
Turner, Charles Marion Suisun
Turner, Chauncey L. Benicia
Turner, Christopher C. Elmira
Turner, David Allen Elmira
Turner, Horatio Nelson Benicia
Turner, Jackson Elmira
Turner, James Ashley Vallejo
Turner, James Elijah Green Valley
Turner, Newton Tremont
Turner, Squire Jackson Elmira
Turner, William Hatch Silveyville
Tuttle, Henry Dexter Vallejo
Twilegar, Andrew Jackson Vallejo
Tygesson, William Vallejo
Tyron, Linus Rio Vista
Tyrrell, Augustus Johnson Vallejo
Tyrrell, Bernard Vallejo
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Name Location
Udell, Edwin Vacaville
Udell, Ralph Silveyville
Uhl, Clarence Jerome Vacaville
Ulsteen, George Dixon
Ulsteen, John George Dixon
Upchurch, Nathan Buford Vacaville
Upham, Emery I. Montezuma
Upham, Finaldo Franklin Dixon
Upham, Lorenzo Muzzy Montezuma
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Name Location
Vaca, Jesus Tremont
Vaca, Michael Dixon
Vaca, Miguel Vacaville
Valadao, Ignacio Dana Benicia
Valdez, Francisco Vacaville
Valdez, Jesus Maria Vacaville
Valentine, John Henry Green Valley
Valenza, Giovanni Vallejo
Vallejo, Platon Vallejo
Van Ander, Joel Aaron Dixon
Van Blake, George Vallejo
Van Blake, William Vallejo
Van Buren Francis Silveyville
Van Buren, John Silveyville
Van Buren, John Jr. Dixon
Van Dorn, Hezekiah Suisun
Van Iderstine, Eben/td> Benicia
Van Kirk, Walter B. Vallejo
Van Pelt, John Cleveland Dixon
Van Sant, William Miller Dixon
Van Sant, William Sherman Dixon
Vance, Charles John Benicia
Vance, Edgar Henry Elmira
Vanderbilt, William Weston Vallejo
Vanes, Charles Benicia
Vanglider, John Benicia
Vaughan, James Benicia
Vaughn, Stephen Clausen Benicia
Vaux, William Main Prairie
Vermilion, Francis Marion Vacaville
Vest, John Suisun
Vice, Thomas Vallejo
Vickers, Michael Benicia
Vickers, Michael Joseph Benicia
Vickroy, William Suisun
Vieira, Joseph Silva Elmira
Vieu, Napoleon Silveyville
Vincente, Manuel Frarie Rio Vista
Vine, Charles Herbert Vacaville
Vine, John Boucher Vacaville
Vining, Herman Stinson Benicia
Vogel, Charles Green Valley
Voltypka, John Green Valley
Voltypka, John Green Valley
Von Glahn, Claus Dixon
Von Werthern, Henry Vallejo
Von Wrede, George Vallejo
Voorhees, George Loucks Vallejo
Voorhees, Samuel Wood Vallejo
Vrooman, Henry Charles Vallejo
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Name Location
Waddell, Alonzo Elmira
Wade, Jeremiah Benicia
Wade, Thomas Benicia
Wadsworth, William Rio Vista
Wagner, Ernest Herbert Vallejo
Wagner, John Suisun
Wagner, Joseph Adam Dixon
Wakerley, William Arthur Vallejo
Walker, Edward Bennett Vallejo
Walker, George Madison Benicia
Walker, Henry Thomas Suisun
Walker, John Main Prairie
Walker, John Silveyville
Walker, Joseph Thompson Vacaville
Walker, Leander Elias Dixon
Walker, Lysander Silveyville
Walker, Michael Vacaville
Walker, Randolph William Vallejo
Walker, Sidney Clay Vacaville
Walker, William Vallejo
Walker, William Vallejo
Walker, William George Silveyville
Wall, Charles John Vallejo
Wall, Joseph D. Vallejo
Wallace, Patrick Vallejo
Wallace, Thomas Vallejo
Waller, Allen Wilson Vallejo
Waller, Francis Lincoln Vallejo
Wallesario, George Vallejo
Walsh, Carlisle Vallejo
Walsh, Edward Francis Vallejo
Walsh, James Vallejo
Walsh, John Mills Vallejo
Walsh, Michael Vallejo
Walsh, Patrick Henry Benicia
Walsh, Peter Vallejo
Walsh, Redmond Vallejo
Walsh, Thomas Edward Vallejo
Walsh, Thomas Francis Vallejo
Walsh, William Vallejo
Walsh, William Joseph Vallejo
Walsh, William Matthew Vallejo
Waltenbaugh, James Bole Vallejo
Walter, Frederick Vallejo
Walter, Frederick Jonathan Vallejo
War, Harry Max Tremont
Ward, Frank Vallejo
Ward, Frederick Plummer Vacaville
Ward, Glenn Rio Vista
Ward, James Vallejo
Ward, Thomas Vallejo
Ward, William Edwin Vallejo
Warden, James Wallace Silveyville
Warford, Charles Henry Vallejo
Warford, Sylvester Vallejo
Warner, Frank Bruce Suisun
Warner, Milton Vallejo
Warner, Nelson Vacaville
Warren, Charles Vallejo
Warren, John Harrison Vallejo
Washburn, Henry Melvin Vallejo
Washburn, Job Kimball Vallejo
Washburn, William Frederick Vallejo
Waterman, Benjamin Franklin Elmira
Waterman, Laurence Fonda Vacaville
Waterman, Robert Benjamin Vallejo
Waterman, Robert Merben Elmira
Waters, Antone Enos Benicia
Waters, Joseph Benicia
Waters, William Vallejo
Watson, Faltham Henry Vallejo
Watson, Henry Bruns Suisun
Watson, Henry Melville Vacaville
Watson, Henry Milton Vallejo
Watson, James William Vallejo
Watson, John Vallejo
Watson, John Cornelius Vallejo
Watson, Joseph Rigby Vallejo
Watson, Joseph Rigby Jr. Vallejo
Watson, Robert Rio Vista
Watson, Samuel Caughey Montezuma
Watson, Samuel Robert Elmira
Watson, William Francis Vallejo
Watson, William Henry Elmira
Watts, John Luther Vacaville
Weaver, Samuel Vacaville
Webb, John Suisun
Webber, Louis B. Vallejo
Weber, Valentine Silveyville
Webster, Artemas Vallejo
Webster, Calvin Brainard Suisun
Webster, James Alvan Vacaville
Weckwerth, Augustus Denverton
Weckwerth, Frank Denverton
Weckwerth, George Denverton
Weil, John Philip Vallejo
Weingartner, Daniel Montezuma
Weingartner, Ernest Charles Rio Vista
Weinheimer, Frank Lewis Benicia
Weinmann, Frederick Philip Benicia
Weir, Charles Gordon Vallejo
Weir, James C. Elmira
Welch, Frank Henry Rio Vista
Welch, John Dixon
Weld, Horace Dwight Tremont
Weldon, George Nelson Vacaville
Wells, Caleb Elmira
Wells, Hiram Augustus Vallejo
Wells, James Thomas Suisun
Wells, John Neff Vacaville
Wells, William Henry Silveyville
Wellstein, Andrew Benicia
Welsh, John Vallejo
Welsh, John Augustus Vallejo
Welsh, William Vallejo
Welter, Otto Vallejo
Weniger, Charles Jr. Vallejo
Weniger, Charles Sr. Vallejo
Weniger, George Vallejo
Weniger, Peter John Vallejo
Wentworth, Orrin Silas Montezuma
Wertner, Frederick Nichols Vacaville
West, John William Vacaville
West, Keneman Dixon
Westerburg, Andrew Benicia
Westervelt, Thomas Abraham Silveyville
Westgate, Edward William Rio Vista
Westlake, Percy Windon Benicia
Westlake, William Calvin Vacaville
Westoby, Richard Benicia
Wetmore, Franklin Henry Green Valley
Whealing, William Vallejo
Wheeler, Julius S. Silveyville
Whipple, Stephen Franklin Vallejo
Whitaker, John Raymond Vallejo
Whitaker, Peter Rio Vista
Whitby, Edgar reed Suisun
Whitby, Frank Warren Suisun
White, Alfred Lincoln Suisun
White, Andrew Vallejo
White, Cassuis Gustavus Vallejo
White, Daniel H. Green Valley
White, Henry Kirk Benicia
White, James Vallejo
White, James Alexander Silveyville
White, James Henry Suisun
White, James Hutton Montezuma
White, John Benicia
White, Michael Suisun
White, William George Vallejo
Whitehouse, William Thomas Silveyville
Whitfield, Willet Marius Vallejo
Whitley, Frank George Suisun
Whitley, George Thomas Suisun
Whitman, Albion Paris Benicia
Whitman, Dolphus George Benicia
Whitman, John C. Montezuma
Whitney, Nathaniel Jordan Vallejo
Whittaker, Jacob Rio Vista
Witthorne, Campbell Vallejo
Wickberg, Francis Vallejo
Wickstrom, Carl Elias Vallejo
Widenmann, Charles Vallejo
Widmeyer, Charles Rio Vista
Wieland, Frank Vallejo
Wiese, Frederick Adolph Rio Vista
Wiese, Hans Rio Vista
Wiese, John Albert Henry Rio Vista
Wiggins, Charles F. Vallejo
Wight, William Vacaville
Wight, William Main Prairie
Wilcox, Joseph Cone Suisun
Wilcox, Spencer Alfred Suisun
Wilder, Horace Edward Vallejo
Wiley, Benjamin Franklin Vacaville
Wiley, Simeon Elmira
Wiley, William Elmira
Wilkens, Henry Green Valley
Wilkey, John Francis Elmira
Wilkinson, Bailey Thomas Suisun
Willaims, Lewis Dixon
Williams, Alfred John Vallejo
Williams, Augustus Franklin Vallejo
Williams, Camillus Eugene Elmira
Williams, Charles Suisun
Williams, Claudius Caesar Elmira
Williams, Daniel Blish Benicia
Williams, Everett Morgan Vacaville
Williams, Frank Arthur Benicia
Williams, Franklin Vacaville
Williams, Frederick John Vallejo
Williams, George Js. Suisun
Williams, Hammond Rio Vista
Williams, Hugh Vallejo
Williams, Irvin Washington Rio Vista
Williams, Isaac James Vallejo
Williams, James Vallejo
Williams, Jeremiah Vallejo
Williams, Jeremiah Vallejo
Williams, John Vallejo
Williams, John Michael Benicia
Williams, John William Vallejo
Williams, Joseph Benicia
Williams, Morgan Benicia
Williams, Nathaniel Pope Silveyville
Williams, Oliver Cromwell Elmira
Williams, Peter Rio Vista
Williams, Peter Rio Vista
Williams, Philip Vacaville
Williams, Richard Gabriel Silveyville
Williams, Robert Suisun
Williams, Robert Francis Suisun
Williams, Thomas Vallejo
Williams, Thomas Pearce Suisun
Williams, Walter Adolphus Vallejo
Williams, William Henry Suisun
Williamson, James Suisun
Williamson, Joseph Thurston Vallejo
Willis, Adam Suisun
Willis, James Vacaville
Willis, Richard Vallejo
Willis, William Hope Vacaville
Willman, Bart Vallejo
Willot, Peter Robert Dixon
Wills, James Vallejo
Wilson, Albert Leroy Vacaville
Wilson, Alfred Mist Vacaville
Wilson, Alphonsius Louis Vallejo
Wilson, Curtis Green Valley
Wilson, Daniel Harrold Green Valley
Wilson, David Mitchell Suisun
Wilson, David Robert Tremont
Wilson, Edgar Samerit Suisun
Wilson, Edson James Vallejo
Wilson, Edward Vallejo
Wilson, Edwin Elmira
Wilson, Edwin Maro Vallejo
Wilson, Frank Aloysius Benicia
Wilson, Frederick Walter Silveyville
Wilson, George Moore Rio Vista
Wilson, George Wilkins Vallejo
Wilson, Henry Vallejo
Wilson, James Pitman Vacaville
Wilson, Jeremiah Carl Suisun
Wilson, Jesse Harvey Vacaville
Wilson, John Vallejo
Wilson, John Andrew Vallejo
Wilson, John Charles Tremont
Wilson, John William Benicia
Wilson, Joseph Vallejo
Wilson, Joseph Watson Vallejo
Wilson, Lee A. Elmira
Wilson, Otto Rio Vista
Wilson, Samerit Suisun
Wilson, Sylvester Everett Vallejo
Wilson, Tomas Stanley Vacaville
Wilson, William Vacaville
Wilson, William Clarkson Vacaville
Wilson, William Harrison Vallejo
Wilson, William Henry Vallejo
Wilzinski, Abraham Vallejo
Winchell, Charles Leroy Vallejo
Winchell, Frank Theodore Vallejo
Winchell, Henry Gratton Vacaville
Winchell, Merritt Grandason Vallejo
Wing, Josiah Suisun
Wingfield, John H. Ducachet Benicia
Winkler, Charles Vallejo
Winn, John Rio Vista
Winning, James Irwin Vacaville
Winslow, Isaac Jas. Borden Vallejo
Winter, James Allen Vallejo
Winterbottom, John Vacaville
Winters, Charles Robert Suisun
Winters, William M. Green Valley
Winton, John Wilton Vallejo
Wire, Frank Benjamin Tremont
Wise, John Vallejo
Wise, Richard Joseph Vallejo
Wise, William Edward Vallejo
Wiseman, Thomas Silveyville
Witt, Johannes Dixon
Witte, Harry Benicia
Wolcott, Christopher C. Vallejo
Wolf, Jacob William Rio Vista
Wolf, Philip Rio Vista
Wolf, William Suisun
Wolfe, Hiram Marion Vallejo
Wolff, Robert Dixon
Wolfken, 34912 Dixon
Wolfskill, Edward Silveyville
Wolfskill, John Reed Silveyville
Wolfskill, Joseph Benjamin Silveyville
Wolfskill, Joseph Cooper Suisun
Wolfskill, Mathias Suisun
Wolfskill, William Silveyville
Wood, Albert Gallatin Green Valley
Wood, Alexander C. Suisun
Wood, Charles Robertson Dixon
Wood, Emerson Elmira
Wood, Geo. Washington Vallejo
Wood, George Vallejo
Wood, Hiram Trower Dixon
Wood, Joel Elmira
Wood, John Vallejo
Wood, John Francis Vallejo
Wood, John Henry Vallejo
Wood, John Whitfield Suisun
Wood, Robert Robertson Vallejo
Wood, Thomas Harris Suisun
Wood, William Joseph Vallejo
Wooden, Edward Benicia
Wooderson, George Frederick Vacaville
Woods, John Suisun
Woods, Joseph King Suisun
Woods, Owen Vallejo
Woods, Robert Suisun
Woods, Robert Vallejo
Woods, Thomas Henry Vallejo
Woods, Warren Anthony Suisun
Woods, Wesley Dixon
Woods, William McCracken Vallejo
Woodward, Thomas Walter Vallejo
Woolner, Benjamin Suisun
Wootten, Isaac Franklin Dixon
Worcester, Erwin Vallejo
Worrell, James Madison Vacaville
Worth, John Holmes Dixon
Woy, James Henry Rio Vista
Wren, Joseph Daniel Vacaville
Wright, Daniel W. Silveyville
Wright, Gilbert Silveyville
Wright, Oren Tremont
Wright, Peter Alexander Vallejo
Wright, Robert S. Silveyville
Wright, William Frederick Vallejo
Wunderlich, Francis Henry Vallejo
Wyer, Charles Fayette Silveyville
Wykoff, Eddie J. Vacaville
Wyckoff, Jonathan Larrison Vacaville
Wynne, Daniel Vallejo
Wynne, Daniel Vallejo
Wynne, John Henry Vallejo
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Name Location
Yanopoi, George Vallejo
Yates, John L. Vacaville
Yaxley, John Henry Silveyville
Yeaton, Oliver Chase Vallejo
Yolo, Cipriano Montezuma
Yolo, Peter Suisun
Young, Charles Rio Vista
Young, E.A. Montezuma
Young, Ernest Neville Montezuma
Young, John Benicia
Young, John Bayley Vacaville
Young, William Arthur Silveyville
Yount, John Burnett Silveyville
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Name Location
Zenebicic, Nick Vallejo
Zimmermann, Frank Vacaville
Zimmermann, John Vacaville
Zirbes, Henry Vallejo
Zuschiag, John Vacaville
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