Federation of Genealogical Societies 
How to Add and Search Surnames
Our Surname Listings Research Tool is made available to all visitors to this website.
It can be a helpful tool to aid you in your research.
Our Society Members can add Surnames of ancestors they are following, in order to seek help from others. 
Here’s how: 
                    Step 1: Login to Members Only section.
                    Step 2: Click on Your Profile.
                    Step 3: Go to the Surnames Listings tab.
                    Step 4: Click on the pencil icon Edit .
                    Step 5: Enter your information and remember to Save.
When a Visitor to the Surname Listings pages finds a match to a name they are interested in, they can click on the eye View Details  to get more information and/or click the envelope Email Inquiry  to open the Surname Inquiry Emailer. The sender must enter their name, email address information and a short message related to their inquiry. When the inquirer clicks Send, the email is sent directly to the member related to the selected surname. The sender will not have the member’s name or email information unless the member later chooses to reveal it with future correspondence.