Federation of Genealogical Societies 

Research Policy

Our volunteers will search for your ancestor in the Solano County reference materials available at our library.
Simple searches can be requested by emailing scgs@scgsca.org. An example would be: "My ancestor died in 1872 in Solano County. Do you have an obituary?" We always appreciate a small donation for this kind of search. You can make a donation here.
For more extensive research we kindly request a $10.00 minimum non-refundable donation. This will initiate the research process and you will be assigned a researcher from our Solano County research team. The researcher will be in contact with you as to the progress or questions about the research. Depending on what is found and the time spent on the research, you may be asked for an additional donation. 
You can complete the research request form and submit it online.  Please make the deposit donation here. If you prefer to send the request and donation by mail, please send the request form and check payable to SCGS to the address below.
After receiving your inquiry and deposit, you will be advised of what we found, the cost of copies, and estimated postage and handling to send them to you. For best search results, provide our volunteers with as much information as you can about your ancestor, his/her spouse (or spouses), and children.
To avoid sending and charging for copies of records you might already have, please inform us of any prior research done in Solano County (census, marriage, church records, cemetery, etc.). Allow at least two weeks for your report. Be sure to check our Reference Materials list on the web site and our databases on the web. For further information contact us by E-mail. 
SCGS Research
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